Just tell us where and when. We’ll handle the rest.

We design a relocation plan customized to your commercial moving needs. We use our experience and expertise to anticipate challenges and find solutions. We also pull resources from our network of architects, realtors, and community members to better understand every factor that affects your move.

We analyze location logistics down to the weight limit and speed of a building’s elevator. We reach out to building managers and landlords to familiarize ourselves with your space before we begin the move.

Company size is another important aspect of your move. Our experience and resources make us more than capable to move big companies, but no job is too small for The Quality Group. Smaller office moves receive the same care and personalized attention as bigger offices, because it’s your move. That makes it our biggest priority.

Schedule concerns are also addressed in the planning phase of your move. Whenever you’d like to be up and running in your new office is where we start. Then we work backward to decide when to begin the move. Often, we can move offices during off hours and weekends, completely eliminating your business’s downtime. Once the schedule is finalized, we make you a promise that we will do everything in our power and give 120 percent to ensure that your move is completed on time. We take our commitment to you seriously, and we take in pride in coming through for every client.

The Quality Group’s commitment to project preparation allows us to consistently deliver on our promises. Your customized relocation formula guarantees you an efficient move and a sigh of relief.

Big or small, we handle them all

We are Louisiana’s most trusted and most successful office relocating specialists.
No other company puts in the time or preparation that we do to make your move stress and hassle-free.