We provide furniture optimization and installation during your commercial move.

You spend a lot of time in your office. You decorate your desk with family pictures and sit around the break room table with your coworkers. It’s where you see friends and coworkers and where you make your livelihood. So why shouldn’t your office be as comfortable as possible?

When you hire The Quality Group for your commercial move, we invest in your business. We work hard to make every move our best, and that includes going the extra mile to help your business. In addition to packing and moving your office, we’ll unpack and reassemble your furniture and equipment. Our employees receive specialized training to reinstall your equipment the right way. We’re familiar with most major brands and certified to install equipment from Steelcase, Allsteel, Knoll, Haworth, National, HON, JSI, Kimbal, JOFCO, Jasper, Herman Miller and others.

Our technical expertise and experience helps us minimize your down time during a move. With all the computers, fax machines and electrical equipment you need to run your business, you could spend days connecting all the corresponding plugs and wires after your move. We’re technically trained and familiar with safety standards. We hook up all of your equipment and make sure not to overload power strips or push furniture up against outlets.

Office furniture is critical to the environment of your space and can affect productivity. If you’d like new furniture to match your new space, we can find and install it for you. We have extensive knowledge of the industry and work with trusted resources to find the best pieces for your office. If you find yourself with too much furniture after your move, we can store or dispose of it. We provide secure warehouse space for your extra furniture and waste management services for any unwanted pieces.

One unique service The Quality Group offers is space optimization. After decades of commercial moving projects, we’ve seen almost every different way to set up an office. First, we discuss how you’d like your space to function for you. Then we organize your furniture and equipment to maximize productivity in your new office.

Big or small, we handle them all

We are Louisiana’s most trusted and most successful office relocating specialists. No other company puts in the time or preparation that we do to aid in the smooth tranistion of your office or business.