How to: Move into Your First Office

You’ve been running a successful business from home, but you’re starting to outgrow your home office. Whether you’re trying to hire new employees, need more space for operations, or want to bring in bigger clients, a brick and mortar office could be a great next step for your business.   Research the Market Check out… Read more »

Relocating Your Business to Louisiana? We can Help

Moving your business out-of-state can get complicated. There’s employee schedules, customer needs and your own move to coordinate. If you’re moving your business to Louisiana, welcome! Here’s some tips to get you through the stress of commercial relocation.   Louisiana offers attractive tax credits for business owners In an effort to attract successful businesses and… Read more »

4 Signs that Now is the Time to Move Your Office

Balancing growth and growing pains can be tricky. You know you need a new office, but a commercial move can be a hassle for both management and employees. Finding the right time to move your office is hard, but these surefire signs can help. Is your business growing or downsizing? – Finding an office that… Read more »

The Perks of Working with The Quality Group

Our value-added commercial moving services give you the most bang for your buck and keep you calm and comfortable during your office move. PROBLEM: I can NOT afford to close up shop for a week to get everything moved. Our Solution: We’re happy to move your business at night or on weekends. We can coordinate… Read more »

10 Tips to Keep Your Commercial Move on Track

Whether your company is expanding or restructuring, moving your business can be a challenge. Planning, communicating, and working with experienced movers can ensure a smooth transition and successful relocation. Plan Your Space Once you choose your new location, begin planning your space. With the help of a space planner or architectural firm, plan your furniture… Read more »

3 Reasons You Need to Know about Moving Insurance

Trusting someone else with your possessions is hard enough. But if your movers have shaky insurance, you could be worrying about more than just your office move. Avoid disputes and damaged items by keeping yourself informed of your mover’s insurance policy.   Trust: You don’t want to spend the move worrying about your office equipment.… Read more »

April Fools! Don’t Fall for These Commercial Moving Scams

Moving scams can be devastating. You could lose money, belongings and most importantly, business. If you get caught up in a moving scam, you might have to close your office to regroup, losing valuable operational time, and the customers and profits that come along with it. When you’re looking for the right commercial moving company,… Read more »

You Deserve an Accurate Moving Estimate

Seems like a no brainer, right? From moving costs to lost office productivity, commercial moving expenses can add up. Obviously, you want to get an accurate estimate from your commercial moving company. But anyone can say that their estimate is accurate. Listen for these key phrases to be sure that the price you agree to… Read more »

Your Commercial Moving Questions, Answered

A successful commercial move is no easy feat. It takes months of planning and coordination to pull it off without a hitch. And even then, a few inevitable surprises can spring up and threaten the move’s progress. If you don’t know much about planning a commercial move, that’s okay. Let us save you some research… Read more »