What to Do at Your Old Building after Your Commercial Move

Once you move to your new office, what do you do with the old one? It’s easy to forget about the office you’re leaving. These tips will keep you from leaving loose ends behind after your office move.   Recycle Your Old Furniture Instead of throwing away your old furniture or leaving it in the… Read more »

Weekend Office Move Pros and Cons

Is a weekend office move right for your company? Most commercial moving companies offer weekend or after-hours moving services. This might seem like the answer if you’re having trouble finding the time to move your business. But while weekend moves are the solution for some, they can also cause problems for others. Make sure you’re… Read more »

How Far Will Your Moving Company Go?

Different moving companies can offer vastly different levels of service. And when you’re moving your office, you can’t afford anything but the best move management, to get you in your new office quickly and efficiently. How can you tell if you’re hiring a few guys with a truck or a company that specializes in complete… Read more »

Commercial Moving Insurance 101

Let’s say you talk to a moving company about relocating your office. They give you an estimate. If you ask them if this estimate includes insurance, most companies will say yes. But that shouldn’t be the end of the conversation. Next, ask your moving company what kind of insurance they offer. This is an important… Read more »

Efficiency per Hour: The Most Important Office Moving Rate

When you’re choosing a facility relocation company, it’s easy to collect a few quotes and go with the cheapest option. I mean, how different can moving companies really be, right? The answer: Very different. Any company can quote a good moving rate, but not all of them provide the same service. And since you don’t… Read more »

Make Your Own Office Moving Budget Planner

The key to a stress-free, successful office move? Planning. By setting a moving budget, you can control how much you spend, instead of helplessly watching the costs add up. Budgeting for your office move will save you money and headaches, both now and later. Follow this guide to start planning your office moving budget.  … Read more »

Move Your Business Out of State Without Going Crazy

Are you planning to move your office to another state? Then you know it’s not easy. Using over 25 years of experience, we’ve put together a guide to moving your office out of state. It can feel chaotic, but these tips can make it easier.   Focus on The Big Picture As the business owner… Read more »

7 Ways to Protect Equipment During Your Office Move

Protect Device Screens Use blankets, sheets and shrink wrap to keep the screens of computers and other equipment from cracking or chipping during your commercial move. Organize all Cords and Cables Either pack accessories like cables and chargers with each piece of equipment, or label them and pack them all together. Have a consistent system… Read more »