New Year, New Office: Keep Your 2015 Commercial Move on Track

You know you’re ready for a commercial move. Maybe you’re expanding and need more room, or you need to be closer to your customer base. If you’ve been putting it off until “next year” or “first quarter”, now’s the time to start planning. If moving your office is one of your new year’s resolutions, we’ve… Read more »

Office Moving How-To: Packing up Your Office

Your commercial move is getting closer, and you can’t put off packing anymore. Before the movers get there, follow these tips to make packing up your office stress-free.   1. Start Early The earlier you start, the less daunting the task of packing up your office will be. A few months before your move, create… Read more »

Commercial Moving Online Reviews: What to Look For

How do you know if you’re hiring the right moving company? Every company says that they’ll move you fast, take care of your belongings and finish on time. But how you do know, without industry knowledge, what to look for in a commercial moving company? Look for these phrases to get past sales jargon to… Read more »

Holiday Office Moves: Pros and Cons

Are you planning an office move this holiday season? During your move preparation, consider all the pros and cons of moving your business during the holidays.   Pro: The Holidays are the Slow Season Business often slows down during the holiday season, which can make it a great time for an office move. Without the… Read more »

How to: Keep Your Employees Productive During an Office Move

A big move can stop your office’s productivity in its tracks. Follow these tips to keep your office running at peak performance during your commercial move.   Make Employees Aware of Their Responsibilities Before the Move Are employees expected to box up their office? When do they need to start going to the new office?… Read more »

How To: Help Your Employees Through an Office Move

An office move can bring new opportunities for your business. But how does it affect your employees? When you move your business, your hard working employees are about to go through a lot of changes. Make it easier for them by helping your employees through your commercial move.   Keep the Employee-Employer Communication Line Open… Read more »

5 Things You Need to Do Before You Move Your Business

Change Your Business Phone and Internet Once you know your move-in date, schedule phone and internet services to stop at your old office and begin at your new one. Avoid down-time and confusion by having your utilities up and running when you move in.    Keep Your Old Phone Number and Forward it to Your New… Read more »

You’re Ready to Move Your Office. Where Do You Start?

Are you ready to move? Maybe you’re opening a new branch, or you’ve outgrown your office and you’re looking to grow in a bigger space. But moving your office is a huge undertaking. Answer these quick questions to start thinking about your commercial move.   What size office do you need? Do you know the… Read more »

How To: Move Your Business in a Weekend

Believe it or not, business moving doesn’t have to be chaotic and overwhelming. If you follow the right steps and put the proper planning in place, you can move your office with little to no operational downtime.   Step 1: It’s Never Too Early to Start Planning To move your office without losing your sanity,… Read more »