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Moving Tips for Medical Offices from Top Office Movers in Mississippi

From moving sensitive equipment to notifying your patients of your new location, there are several details involved in moving your medical office. With a little organization and the help of professional office movers in Mississippi, you can get your equipment, supplies, electronics, and medical records moved safely and securely in as little as one day. Who understands the logistics and compliance considerations of moving your practice to a new location? The Quality Group is the premiere office moving company in the state, and we can get your practice relocated quickly with minimal disruption to your appointment schedule.

Notify the Right People About the Move

As soon as you lock down a deal on your new location, contact the moving experts at The Quality Group to organize the logistics. Your project manager can help you with all the details of moving to the new office, including the layout of your front desk, exam rooms, and conference area. We can also provide pointers on when to notify suppliers, payers, patients, and employees with the details of the move.

Here are a few questions that can help you determine whether you need to rethink your existing office layout:

  • Will you hire new medical practitioners or support staff?
  • How will the new space alter the patient experience?
  • How much lead time are you required to give payers to avoid disruptions in claim payments?

Document and review all the questions you have about the legal, logistical, and practical details of the move. This list will come in handy as you plan the relocation with your medical office movers in Mississippi.

Our team can coordinate the move with your current and new landlords if you leased the space. We also recommend putting up a sign and sending out emails to your clients to help everyone know where to find you after the move.

Move Sensitive Equipment Carefully to Avoid Damage or Injury

You probably have sensitive medical equipment that you need to take with you. Coordinating the move for fragile items requires experienced professionals, such as those at The Quality Group.

Due to the weight and size of your medical equipment, you’ll need to work with our team to coordinate this part of the move smoothly. The smallest bump can damage x-ray machines and equipment used to track patient vital signs. Therefore, it’s best to leave these aspects of your relocation to the office moving experts.

Packing, transporting, and re-installing your office equipment requires coordination between your office manager, move project manager, and vendors for equipment you lease. We can help you get your equipment moved quickly and efficiently without incident.

Partner with Professionals Experienced in Moving a Medical Practice

Before you do anything else on your move checklist, it’s essential that you find the right office movers in Mississippi to relocate your medical practice.

You’ll need to ensure two things:

  1. First, does the company you wish to hire meet the state and federal guidelines for transporting medical equipment?
  2. Second, choose a moving company with expertise assembling and disassembling office furniture to expedite the set up at your new location.

You can trust the careful movers at The Quality Group to tear down and reassemble office furniture, workstations, and medical equipment. Avoid extensive downtime by dealing with office movers in Mississippi that know what they’re doing and have done it several times before.

Contact the Quality Group when you need to relocate your medical practice with a minimal loss of billable hours. We have three locations: New Orleans and Baton Rouge, LA, and Jackson, MS. Call 833-756-0103 to get started today.