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Why DIY Office Furniture Installation in Jackson, MS, Doesn’t Work

So, you’re relocating your office and trying to decide the best way to keep costs under control. You decide to round up some volunteers from your staff to disassemble and reassemble the modular cubicles you need to function as a company. This is a bad idea for a number of reasons, including the following:

  • Potential damage to furniture due to an inexperienced assembly team
  • Possibility of an injury resulting in a workers’ compensation claim
  • Future replacement cost due to poor assembly

It may be better to focus your time and energy on finding an experienced moving company that also handles office furniture installation in Jackson, MS. At The Quality Group, our efficient installation team can typically break down your modular furniture and reassemble it at your new location overnight. From library shelves to cubicles to laboratory furniture assembly, we can handle the job so you don’t have to.

Preparing for Furniture Installation in Jackson, MS

Speak with your moving project manager regarding preparations for furniture installation in Jackson, MS. This ensures that the right resources will be available to break down and put together your furniture on moving day.

Things to keep in mind before installation day include the following:

  • Create an inventory. This should include a separate list of cubicles, shelving, and other furniture that requires break down and assembly.
  • Reserve the elevator. To maintain the safety of our crew and to keep on schedule, it’s important to reserve the elevator at both the old and new locations.
  • Walk through the new workspace with the installation specialist. If you’ve opted to use our project management services, your project manager will handle these details for you. It’s important for our installation team to understand the layout of your existing and new office spaces. This ensures that the furniture ends up in the right location with minimal confusion.
  • Communicate the plan to your team. Make sure to send out emails and post notices where employees can see them.

Ask about our move planning services to cover every detail of your relocation.

You’ll Be Glad You Hired Us

Established manufacturers build quality office furniture to last a long time. Unfortunately, this often means using heavy-duty materials that are difficult to move. Today, many offices have modular office furniture that makes it easier to set up and tear down workspaces. Although this helps keep your costs down when you redesign office spaces, it makes it awkward to move quickly if you don’t have the proper training.

Our installation team consists of highly skilled, conscientious team members. We do everything we can to protect your walls and floors as well as your office furniture. This includes wearing booties, using drop cloths, and cushioning corners to prevent scratches and paint damage.

If you choose to replace your office furniture, we can assist with that. Our team works with top brands and can assemble virtually any modular furniture on the market. If you need help finding the right office furniture for your organization, we can help you access great deals on furniture that meets your needs.

If you don’t need everything right away, we have warehouse space available to store your furniture for future use. Some clients choose to donate their old furniture to local charities, and we’re happy to assist if you decide to go that route.

Contact us today to learn more about office furniture installation in Jackson, MS. Call us at 833-756-0103 to speak with a helpful representative. You can also reach us at our offices in New Orleans, LA, and Jackson, MS.

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