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Specialized Moving For Your Law Firm 

It’s likely your law firm specializes in a particular type of law. Corporate law obviously requires a different set of knowledge and experience than family law. Did you know moving companies can specialize too? Relocating a professional organization differs drastically from moving a personal residence. The furniture, files, technology, and even the decor can vary quite a bit. Experienced moving specialists—such as The Quality Group—can efficiently relocate your law firm. Our efficiency means a minimal amount of disruption to your billable hours.

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The Quality Group Difference

We're movers specializing in moving businesses. See if The Quality Group’s qualities appeal to your professional standards: 

  • Timeline Guarantees: We happen to be the only commercial moving specialist that guarantees our timelines. We do our job well and on time so you can get back to doing your job well. 
  • Flexibility: Relocate your entire office without losing a single billable hour. For example, we can move overnight or otherwise customize your schedule. A dedicated project manager will ensure your team stays operational throughout your entire move.
  • Full-Time Vetted Movers: We hold every employee to our high standards of respect, professionalism, and results. C-suite leadership, project managers, and on-the-ground moving teams value every client and job.
  • Furniture Experts:  We can handle the largest of wooden desks as well as your shelves of rich mahogany. Filing cabinets are securely moved to prioritize your privacy as well as your clients’. Our staff is also trained to disassemble and rebuild all kinds of cubicles.
  • Technology Navigators: Do you have nightmares about miles of tangled electrical wires? Our team handles that so your team can get back to work as quickly as possible. We can disconnect and reconnect all your computers, cords, and cables. And just like we safeguard your physical files, we have processes in place to protect your digital data. 
  • Decommission Service: We do more than relocate your assets. Our team will clean up your old space once it’s empty (one less thing for you to worry about!). We can also help navigate your old and new leases to make sure we’re meeting any required deadlines or details. 

The Importance of Relationships 

Just like in the legal world, we know the importance of solid business partnerships. We put great value on our working relationships as well as the work we’re doing. As evidence, read some of our testimonials, including this one from Nancy Claypool of Stone Pigman Law Firm

“Quality certainly did a good job on the physical move. But, what really stood out was their customer service in being willing to go above and beyond based on unplanned or unforeseen contingencies.”

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Our Past Attorney And Law Firm Clients 

We’ve been serving businesses in Louisiana and Mississippi since 1987. Over that time, we’ve had thousands of successful moves and satisfied customers. We’ve successfully moved law firms of all sizes, so we’re prepared to handle your specific needs. Our previous law firm clients include:  

Trust The Quality Group 

Just like your staff is certified and vetted by the highest levels of your profession, we are too. The Quality Group is the only recognized corporate relocation business for Louisiana and Mississippi by the Office Moving Alliance (OMA). OMA only accredits organizations that prioritize the high levels of quality, commitment, and professionalism. We’re also proud business partners of the Association of Legal Administors, New Orleans Chapter and Association of Legal Administors, Mississippi Chapter

Ready to cross-examine us? We welcome all of your questions. Contact us at the location nearest you for more information or to get a free quote. You can also follow us on Facebook to see more of our day-to-day operations.