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Expert Medical Office Movers to Make Relocating Seamless

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Expert Medical Office Movers to Make Relocating Seamless

Occasionally, medical practices need to transition from one location to another. It is exciting to relocate to a brand new facility where you will be down the hall from a laboratory instead of across the city. Your patients will enjoy the larger waiting room, too. Staff may even whistle while working in a much larger office and not stumbling over each other like in the current facility.

Moving can be pretty exciting when things go smoothly. However, your move faces an uphill battle without assistance from the expert medical office movers at The Quality Group. How do you organize things so that desks are broken down and reassembled? What about moving waiting room furniture and the medical equipment? Finally, how do you ensure the medical files are safe? Trust the team from The Quality Group to handle things professionally and with the utmost care.

We Make Medical Office Moving Easy on You

Few people enjoy the process of moving. Luckily, we live for it! We have built our business on relieving your relocation pain. Here’s how we support you in your new venture:

  • Planning: We can step in and plan your relocation, including reconfiguring your new space for the best use of your new facility taking ergonomics and workflow into account. We will also plan on an overnight move whenever possible to reduce the amount of downtime for your patients and you.
  • Preparation: We don’t just show up unexpectedly. We work behind the scenes to ensure packing supplies are available and the new place is ready. Your point of contact will keep you abreast of all plans and work with you to prepare your team for the big day.
  • Packing: Office moving is not the same as residential. We have the supplies and know how to get everything packed up and loaded efficiently and effectively. There are cubicles to be dismantled, copiers to be secured, and wires to be removed.
  • Transportation: Once everything is loaded, we safely transport your office to the new location. We understand that your medical office will have sensitive equipment and information, and we make sure to treat everything properly.
  • Office Setup: We handle the setup of office furniture and computers. Your team can leave the old office at closing time, arrive at the new one the next day, and get to work immediately.

Let the Professional Medical Office Movers Handle Your Relocation

You want to know you can trust the movers you hired to do the job right. Rest assured that your relocation is in great hands when working with The Quality Group.

  • Our moving technicians are highly trained and ready to help.
  • We are fully insured and licensed.
  • Our experience ensures we can handle just about any hiccup that comes our way.
  • We take the burden of packing off your plate. You have nothing to worry about.
  • Our team is professional, courteous and excellent at getting the job done.

Call The Quality Group at 833-756-0103 for help planning and executing your medical office move. Contact us online for more information about our medical and commercial moving services in New Orleans, Jackson, MS, and Baton Rouge, LA, for your convenience.