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Commercial Movers with the Perfect Relocation Plan​

Our commercial movers in Baton Rouge offer numerous services to help make your relocation go smoothly at The Quality Group. We also have locations for commercial movers in Jackson, MS, and New Orleans, LA. This flexibility gives our clients the ability to choose the sites nearest to them. Our commercial moving team guides you through the planning and budgeting stage before moving your furniture and equipment to your new space.

Services Offered by Our Commercial Movers​

Commercial Movers with the Perfect Relocation Plan​

We go beyond simply moving your furniture and equipment from point A to point B. When you contract with The Quality Group, we help you make your new space more functional than the old one. We assign a single point of contact to manage your relocation, and our versatile movers and installers provide the following services:

  • Project Management: Our logistics experts have many years of experience with commercial moves in Mississippi and Louisiana. We consider everything from the size of your company to the amount of equipment you need to move. Highly trained project managers offer a controlled environment and a no-hassle experience for your facilities manager or leadership team.​
  • Office Furniture Installation: Our office furniture installers are familiar with all major furniture brands. They quickly dismantle and reassemble cubicles, cabinets, and other modular furniture. If you need help choosing new office furniture to serve your employees and create a productive work environment, we can help. We also coordinate with your IT/IS Support to disconnect and reconnect your electronic technology.​
  • Vendor Coordination: Our commercial movers in Baton Rouge also serve the Lafayette area. Our commercial drivers are properly licensed and insured and provide a safe, secure transportation method to your new location.​
  • Facility Installation Services: We can plan and execute commercial relocations for office, industrial, and other commercial moves. Once we give you a timeline, we commit to it. We know how important it is to get up and running as quickly as possible and to minimize unproductive time for your employees.​
  • Decommissioning ServicesCommercial movers Baton Rouge
  • Laboratory Movers
  • Commercial Space Planning
  • Medical Office Movers

Office Reconfiguration Services​

As you can imagine, we handle hundreds of relocations every year. Our experienced commercial movers can arrange your new office space for maximum efficiency. If you need a place to store unused equipment and furniture, we also have warehouse space available. By customizing your new space with professional designers, you can develop the most efficient workflow to increase your employees’ productivity.

Disposal Services​

We can donate or dispose of unwanted equipment and furniture. Just let us know what you would like to keep and offload during the move’s planning stage.

For commercial movers in Baton Rouge, New Orleans and Lafayette LA or commercial movers in Jackson, MS, call The Quality Group at 833-756-0103 for a guaranteed timeline. You can receive a free quote by filling out our online form.