Facility Relocation

Leave the Logistics of Your Office Facility Installation to Us

We provide office facility installation services with with two major goals in mind: to provide a stress-free moving job and to minimize your business’ downtime.

Dealing with landlords can be tense. Leave it to us. We’ll liaise with landlords, building managers, and property owners before and during the move to keep everyone happy and on the same page.

We’re the only commercial movers who can give you a timeline guarantee. When we develop your relocation plan and your move date, we will finish on time. We promise you this: you won’t have to adjust your schedule or lose valuable business time when you hire The Quality Group. We’re proud to be able to make that promise, and proud to deliver on time every time.

We work fast, but we keep safety on both sides a top priority. In such a rigorous work environment, we take extra care that our employees stay safe. Every Quality Group employee, from managers to seasonal laborers, cares about getting your move done the right way. That includes keeping themselves safe. We pride ourselves on being fast and finishing on schedule, but that doesn’t mean we rush. We take all the time and care necessary for your move. We can do this and still guarantee and end date because of the relocation plan, which allows time to do your move right, not just fast. When we move you, we care about your business. That’s why we try so hard to minimalize or eliminate your down time and get you to work in your new office.

Our employees are trained in security as well as safety. We know how sensitive and how crucial your files are to your business. Filing cabinets, classified files and medical documents are packed and handled according to special procedures.

We clean up after we move you as well, so you don’t have to waste any productivity sweeping up after the move. When you walk into your new office after your move, you can get straight to work. We also employ moving technicians that understand your equipment. They know what parts go where and how they’re all connected. Don’t waste time fumbling with wires. Our movers will disconnect, pack, move, reassemble and reconnect all of your technical equipment. 

Trust us with your business, and we’ll do our best to make sure you don’t lose any.

We can set you up in your new space with a similar layout as your old office. Or we can rearrange furniture and equipment. We even specialize in office layout optimization and can set your new office up to maximize productivity.

Sure, we get you into your new space on budget and on time, but our real passion is creating a positive moving experience for you. Moving is full of potential and possibilities. Don’t get bogged down worrying about logistics. We work around your schedule, coordinating every detail to make the move easier on you. We get you back in business when we say we will. Once you hire The Quality Group, we put all of our resources at your disposal. Because the most important move we’ll ever do is yours.