Month: March 2020

Your Office Needs An Experienced Louisiana Moving Company

When it's time for change, get the help of an experienced Louisiana office moving company!

Congratulations, you’re moving to a new office! This is an exciting time for your business—it shouldn’t be a stressful one. The moving team at The Quality Group is here to make sure you spend your time celebrating, not worrying. Our moving process is thorough, covering all the things you might otherwise forget to account for. Leave it to this professional Louisiana office moving company to make relocating an exciting and stress-free experience.

Step 1. Project Management

No matter the size of your office, moving is no easy task. In fact, it’s an entire project! Of course, as the business manager, you have other projects to worry about. So let one of our move managers do the heavy lifting for you. We are experts at devising entire project plans to get your new office ready on time, with little to no downtime, as if you magically appeared in your new space. 

We factor in everything: furniture, information technology, old unwanted equipment, building managers, and more. Your move manager will know exactly how wide and tall your door frames are, and they’ll even know how many elevator trips it will take to finish the job.

Step 2. Vendor Coordination

Moving to a new office requires planning lots of logistics. There are things like electronic disconnects at the old facility and reconnections at the new one. What if you want to get shiny new equipment and furniture for the fancy new office? We can handle that switch, too! Plus, we’re committed to green, so we coordinate secure removal, destruction, recycling, and/or refurbishing of your old equipment. We’ll even arrange storage space for extra furniture.

The Quality Group has worked for over 30 years as one of the best Louisiana office moving companies out there. With all our experience, we know the local vendors like the back of our hands. 

Step 3. Facility Relocation

What’s worse than moving over an office by yourself? Hiring the wrong Louisiana moving company! You need movers you can trust. We guarantee your relocation will finish on time. At the same time, we’re expert planners, so we don’t have to rush. Our methodical processes ensure the safety of our staff and the protection of your office furniture and equipment. We focus on minimizing your stress during the move, so we can work after hours and on weekends to reduce any downtime.

Step 4. Furniture and Equipment Installation

Of course, a major part of moving is unpacking and re-installing everything. Our move planning includes the dismantling of furniture, coordinating with IT/IS support to reconnect your equipment, and then reassembling your office equipment. We train every employee to properly reinstall all materials. 

It wouldn’t do you any good if the moving company misarranged all the furniture. Our move managers will go over all the layout and functioning details to make sure to maximize productivity in your new office. 

Don’t Drop The Box, Just Contact Us!

Relocating your office, while exciting, is a huge undertaking. The Quality Group is the right Louisiana office moving company to take on this project. Contact us today to get a move-on with your office relocation.