Month: June 2020

How Can An FF&E Company Help Your Business?

Let our FF&E Company help your New Orleans business!

The first impression you make on your clients is a lasting one. And if your office looks washed out, your client’s expectations of service might wash out too. After all, if you don’t take care of your office, how will you take care of them? So, when was the last time you’ve given your office a facelift? An updated office can play a big role in the client’s confidence in your company. It shows you value your business, so you will value your relationships with your clients too. So if your office is looking washed out, The Quality Group is here to help. The Quality Group is an FF&E company in New Orleans that specializes in new furniture, fixtures, and equipment you’ll need to make sure your office is looking fresh and up to date. Here’s a look into how our FF&E Company can help your business.

Our Quality Selection

The Quality Group has been around for over 30 years. We’ve had time to develop strategic relationships with many partners. That means we have a wide selection of builders, movers, and interior designers on hand. These partnerships make it easier for you to find the exact furniture, fixtures, and electronics you want. After consulting with our interior designers, The Quality Group helps fulfill the order. We give you the flexibility to have your new equipment delivered and installed when you need it. Is your office packed to the brim? We can help you pack up the old and store it for you as well.

Storage When You Need It 

Your office doesn’t come with unlimited space—we know that. That’s why we offer storage services while being a part of your FF&E makeover. We can help you the entire way through our storage and logistics. The Quality Group helps you plan your entire renovation. That means we swap out new FF&E for the old and store it for you while we complete your move.

You may also want to renovate your office room by room. We have a plan for that also. The Quality Group stores your FF&E from different suppliers until we have all the pieces needed to complete your renovation. This can limit your operational disruption. Trust the premier FF&E company in New Orleans to handle your renovations and never miss a beat!

Installing What You Need

Updating your office is no easy undertaking. These projects are usually massive and are broken up into smaller steps. No matter how you’d do it, we can help you with the logistics and your installation. Don’t settle for any less. We are a full-service FF&E company that partners with interior designers to take care of your every need. We deliver and install your FF&E based on your customized needs. Your office’s update will be seamless as you let our professionals take care of it all. 

Hire The Premier FF&E Company 

The Quality Group is your premier FF&E company in New Orleans. On top of FF&E services, we also offer other services such as storage, relocation, logistics, and much more! Our experts are ready to help you with your renovations regardless of size—large or small. Get in contact with us to see what we can do for you. Give us a call at (833) 756-0103 or fill out a form online today! We look forward to hearing from you.