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Quality is Vital in Your Commercial Moving Project

When you're in need of commercial moving services in New Orleans, call The Quality Group!

Relocating your company can prove to be an overwhelming task in many cases. Moving can leave your managers and employees at their wit’s end. From the jumbled-up mess of cords and computers to already-assembled (and harder to move) office furniture, moving your company is no easy task. 

Reaching out to a professional moving company can help—if you find the right one. Many moving companies only help you load and unload your boxes and furniture from one location to the next. But you need more help than that! So, how do you make sure you hire the right commercial moving company?

Our Commercial Moving Professionals In New Orleans Are Here For You

When you hire The Quality Group you’re hiring professionals committed to their customers. The Quality Group handles every step of your move—even before you have the first box packed. We follow a model of consistency with a proven record of success in moving companies for more than 30 years. We do whatever it takes to deliver on our promises to you by providing quality work and qualified workers to get your move done right. Our team offers five services. Each is a part of a system ensuring your commercial move goes as smoothly as possible.

Project Management

Our dedicated team fully manages your move with tried-and-true techniques. We foster a highly controlled environment that produces a efficient move for both you and us. Our strategists work backwards from your move-in date to make sure there are no hiccups or time crunches. We utilize every resource we can to make sure your move starts and finishes on time. 

Move Planning

Before we even start moving, we come up with customized moving plan tailored to each customer’s needs. We leverage our experience and expertise to anticipate anything that could go awry during the move. Scheduling conflicts are some of the biggest obstacles we experience. We take extreme care to avoid any and all delays. We make it a priority to work around your schedule so you can still operate while you transition into your new space.

Furniture and Technology Installation

Our installation experts have extensive knowledge of the furniture brands most offices use. Our familiarity aids in the removal and reassembly of all of your office equipment. From cubicles, chairs, and desks to more complex systems such as networks, printers, and computers, The Quality Group can move it all. We coordinate with your IT professionals to provide a coordinated plan to disconnect, transport, and re-connect all of your company’s technology. 

Vendor Coordination

While we plan your company’s relocation, we also coordinate with all of your third party vendors you may have to disconnect and reconnect your technology. We can also recycle any old technology or furniture you decide to leave behind. We strive to make your move as seamless and stress-free as possible. After you’re all moved out, we even review your lease departure requirements to make sure we meet all criteria.

Facility Relocation

The Quality Group is the only commercial moving company in New Orleans that can offer you a timeline guarantee. We work tirelessly with landlords, building managers, and property owners to make sure all parties are on the same page during your transition. When we develop your relocation plan, we WILL finish on time. That’s a guarantee! 

Get The Best Company For Commercial Moving In New Orleans 

When you hire The Quality Group for your commercial move, we invest in your business. Our business is to help YOUR business! It doesn’t matter the size of your project, we don’t compromise our integrity. We put your business first. If you are in need of a commercial moving company in New Orleans, do not hesitate to call us today at (504) 585-7309. You can also send us a message online. We are always ready to help you with your moves, however big or small.