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4 Signs that Now is the Time to Move Your Office

Balancing growth and growing pains can be tricky. You know you need a new office, but a commercial move can be a hassle for both management and employees. Finding the right time to move your office is hard, but these surefire signs can help.


Is your business growing or downsizing? – Finding an office that meets your needs can also reduce your costs. If you have more employees than your office can fit, a bigger space will increase productivity and profits. If you’re ready to downsize, you could save on property and administration costs in a smaller office.

Would another office in your existing building work for your company? If you can find another space in your current building or secure another floor to expand operations, you can cut down on the cost of moving and the hassle of dealing with a new landlord.

Does your office match your brand image? As your business grows and matures, so does its image. You need an office space that matches where your company’s brand is now, and where you want it to be in the future. A new office that reflects the image of your company, whether modern, forward-thinking, or established, can bring in loyal, life-long customers.

How is employee morale? Employees are the most impacted by your office’s environment. A cramped office or one that make everyday operations harder ruins their moral, slowing production and increasing staff turnover. A new office that better meets your employees’ needs is like a fresh start, and will boost your company’s productivity.

Now is the right time for your commercial move, and The Quality Group is here to make moving a breeze. We consider every angle to get your office moved on time and on budget.


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