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4 Ways to Ensure a Successful Laboratory Moving Day

From sensitive instruments for precise measurements to volatile chemicals that require the steadiest of hands, every item in a laboratory is of the utmost importance. This presents a unique challenge when looking to move facilities. But as challenging as it may seem, a successful lab relocation is possible with the right planning and execution.

In this guide, our experts will explain the four ways to ensure a successful laboratory move. With the proper care, you can protect the integrity of your samples and the continuity of your research.

Working with Professional Movers for Your Lab Relocation

Moving a research facility or sample processing lab requires professional movers for swift and secure relocation. Yet, even with expert help, move planning is essential to ensure a seamless transition. Here are four key strategies that will help ensure a smooth transition.

  1. Adhere to regulations: Investigate and comply with all relevant regulations for transporting hazardous materials, live specimens, or controlled substances. Obtain necessary permits, maintain accurate records, and manage proper disposal to safeguard your team and move.
  2. Document and label your items: Work with your lab team to meticulously document and label all assets. A comprehensive inventory streamlines the setup at your new location and prevents operational disruptions.
  3. Plan with project management: Collaborate with your project manager to outline the relocation details, including specific transport needs and handling instructions. Early planning ensures that movers are well-prepared with the necessary resources, such as refrigerated transport for temperature-sensitive samples.
  4. Conduct post-move evaluations: Once you arrive at your new location, thoroughly inspect and test all equipment. Address any recalibration needs promptly to minimize downtime and maintain research integrity.

Looking to Expand Your Lab? Hire Laboratory Moving Specialists

Don’t leave the transfer of your research to chance. When relocating a medical, pharmaceutical, or research lab, it’s important to rely on a qualified laboratory moving company like The Quality Group. We have over 30 years of experience in commercial moving and have completed countless moves for laboratories across all industries. Our specialized team understands the unique needs of laboratory relocations and will provide outstanding service from the initial contact through to the completion of your move.

Call the Quality Group at 833-756-0103 to learn more about our laboratory moving services. For a free quote, contact us online or stop by one of our offices in Lafayette, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, or Jackson, MS.