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4 Ways to Optimize Your Office Space with Commercial Space Planning

The office environment has dramatically changed over time. The days of assigned offices and cubicles are going the way of the dinosaurs. Modern offices embrace open floor plans, collaborative workplaces, and large meeting areas. They have also gone digital. It’s now necessary to design offices that provide a comfortable workspace for workers while also allowing the flexibility to accommodate remote employees for meetings, briefings, and other occasions.

If you have the responsibility of optimizing your office space, it can easily become overwhelming to create a workflow that works for you, your employees, and your remote team. In this article, The Quality Group’s experts in commercial space planning give you their 5 keys to creating an environment that works for everyone.

4 Keys to Efficient Space Planning

  1. Make a plan with your IT department: Before crafting your ideal workflow, you need to understand what tools and equipment your employees need to do their jobs; Locations of computers, electrical outlets, servers, printers, and internet routers are essential to creating a space that is productive and efficient.
  2. Communicate with your workers: Ask your employees if they have any recommendations for increasing productivity. While you don’t have to use all their ideas, getting the pulse on what workers want can help you create a productive environment.
  3. Stay flexible: Don’t be tempted to cram more desks into your office. Instead, focus on creating diverse workspaces that can be used by your employees in a variety of situations. Many companies have benefited from creating collaborative areas, quiet zones, and even gaming areas.
  4. Don’t forget about ergonomics: Making sure your employees are comfortable is vital. When purchasing furniture and equipment, it’s important to choose models that are optimized for comfort and repetitive use. Ensuring your workers can do their jobs comfortably is key to improving their productivity.


Want an Office Space that Works for you? Hire Office Relocation Specialists with Experience! 

Are you tired of working in a cramped and disorganized office space? Do you want to optimize your workplace to boost productivity and employee satisfaction? Look no further than the professionals at The Quality Group. With over three decades of experience in commercial space planning, we can implement layouts that enhance the functionality of your business. Together, we can formulate a plan that will help increase productivity, promote collaboration, and improve worker morale in your commercial space.

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