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How to Announce Your Office Move— Advice from Commercial Movers in Baton Rouge

Are you planning to relocate your business? Hiring a reputable commercial moving company in Baton Rouge, LA, can ensure that your transition goes off without a hitch. However, there is still work to be done to ensure that you thrive in your new location. One of these tasks is to plan the announcement!

Announcement Tips from Office Relocation Specialists

Relocating your business can be a challenging process, but your big announcement doesn’t have to be! The Quality Group’s expert commercial movers in Baton Rouge are here to help. With years of experience helping businesses throughout Louisiana, we have crafted these tips to help you with your announcement on your upcoming relocation.

  • Notify your staff: Your employees are essential to the success of your business, so it’s best to inform them of your intentions early in the planning process. Open communication will give your employees time to prepare for any changes in their commute, work environment, or responsibilities.
  • Contact your vendors: It’s good practice to notify your utilities and other services in advance of your move. Not only will you need to discontinue service in your current location, but you will also need to start the process of connecting your vendor services in your new space.
  • Update Your Contact Information: The worst thing that can happen after a move is a drop in business because your clients or patrons can’t find you. You can avoid this problem by updating your marketing materials to contain your updated contact information. Be sure to include the date of your grand re-opening!
  • Spread the message: There are numerous ways to announce the relocation of your business. While updating your website and sending out emails are effective ways to notify your regular customers, you can attract more business by branching out. Consider buying advertisements in print media or starting a marketing campaign on your social media accounts.
  • Use a personal approach: Talking to your clients and employees face-to-face is a great way to let them know that your business is going in a positive direction. Moving can create a lot of uncertainty, but by having open communication, you can address their concerns and explain the reasoning behind your relocation.

Have You Started Packing? Enlist Commercial Movers in New Orleans

When moving your business, it’s important to provide clear and concise information to your employees and customers. Although you will need to craft and announce the move, we can assist with the heavy lifting for your office move. The Quality Group’s team of experienced commercial movers can help with planning, transporting, and setting up your new location. By partnering with us, you can focus on sharing the news of your move without having to stress about the logistics.

Call The Quality Group at 833-756-0103 to learn more about our comprehensive commercial moving services. Interested in a free quote? Contact us online or stop by one of our offices in Baton Rouge, LA, New Orleans, LA, or Jackson, MS.