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How to: Keep Your Employees Productive During an Office Move

A big move can stop your office’s productivity in its tracks. Follow these tips to keep your office running at peak performance during your commercial move.


Make Employees Aware of Their Responsibilities Before the Move

Are employees expected to box up their office? When do they need to start going to the new office? Part of your commercial moving plan should include briefing employees on their jobs during the move. If everyone knows what’s expected of them, they can focus on their jobs instead of worrying about the impending move.

Don’t Let Move Planning Distract Your Employees

Keep the potential stress of moving between those who need to know about it. The team dedicated to planning your commercial move should only discuss moving details during assigned meeting times. This will keep office moving chatter from distracting other employees. Separating move planning from regular work duties will also help the planning team stay productive.

Give Employees an Outlet to Answer Questions and Voice Concerns

Be there for your employees. If they are feeling overwhelmed from helping plan the move, help them manage their responsibilities. If they have questions about the move, answer them. If you take care of employee concerns, they can focus on their job with the peace of mind that the move will go smoothly.


With proactive communication and understanding on both sides, you can keep your employees productive during your commercial move. And to avoid unintended office closures and move complications, trust The Quality Group to keep your move running on time with our timeline guarantee.

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