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Office Moving Timeline: What Does It Look Like?

Relocating your office can be an exciting time filled with anticipation for growth and new opportunities. But it can also present challenges that can change your mood from ‘inspired’ to ‘overwhelmed’. This is because relocating your office involves many moving parts. If you fail to account for them, you may be at risk of experiencing disruptions to your business operations, loss of productivity, and unnecessary expenses.

Luckily, a seamless office relocation isn’t difficult if you start planning early. By coordinating with your employees, movers, and client base, you can streamline your relocation and minimize potential disruptions. To help you get started, our team of project management specialists have created a timeline that can guide you through every stage of the moving process.

What Office Relocation Project Management Does for Your Business

If you are planning an office relocation, your main objectives are to minimize downtime and stay organized. To help you accomplish this, consider following this timeline.

3-6 months before your move

  • Announce the move to your employees so they can prepare for changes in their commute, schedule, or planned downtime.
  • Find a reputable office moving company that can handle the logistics of your move.
  • Check that the company assigns you a project manager who has experience in commercial office moves.
  • Create an inventory to determine what needs to be moved, sold, or replaced.

2-3 months before your move

  • Renovate and modify your new space to fit your needs.
  • Order new furniture, equipment, or electronics.
  • Coordinate with your IT team to plan the moving and reconnection of electronics and computers.

1 month before your move

  • Announce your moving schedule to your employees and clients.
  • Contact your utility providers to schedule the transfer and installation of necessary services.
  • Update your stationery, business cards, and online marketing to display the address and contact information of your new location.
  • Finalize your floor planning to ensure an aesthetically pleasing and optimized workflow.

1-2 Weeks Before the Move:

  • Notify your employees of your projected downtime and planned reopening date.
  • Speak with your project manager and moving company to iron out any logistical hurdles.
  • Begin to organize documents and possessions to be ready for transport.
  • Notify employees to clean out their desks and personal belongings.

Moving Week:

  • Begin disassembling large furniture and installations.
  • Give your employees time to sweep the office for personal belongings.
  • Organize a thorough cleanup and decommissioning of your old space.
  • Provide open communication and regular updates for your clients and employees.

Are You in a Rush to Move? Connect with Qualified Commercial Movers and Project Managers

If you’re seeking the help of a project manager for your upcoming move, The Quality Group is here to assist you. We have a strong reputation for successfully planning and executing relocations throughout Louisiana and Mississippi. When you partner with us, you will have access to a dedicated team of professionals who can make your move efficient and stress-free.

Call The Quality Group at 833-756-0103 to learn more about our suite of office moving services. For a free quote, contact us online or stop by one of our offices in New Orleans, LA, Baton Rouge, LA, or Jackson, MS.