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Questions to Ask About Office Decommissioning

As companies grow or close down, the amount of office space they require changes. In all cases, it generally means moving. You have options for getting furniture and equipment from one location to another. Most companies will enlist the services of qualified professional movers. It makes sense to work with a company that understands your needs and can quickly move your entire office in a matter of days or weeks.

What about the office you leave behind? Is there anything you need to be aware of? Absolutely! Look at the fine print of your lease, and you may discover a list of items you must handle before you vacate the premises. This process calls for decommissioning services, and discerning office managers look to the professionals at The Quality Group for assistance.

3 Questions You Should Ask When Decommissioning Your Office

If you are the ‘lucky’ one in your office who gets to handle office decommissioning, you have much to cover. To ensure everything goes well, it’s helpful to educate yourself and ask these questions:

  1. Why Is Decommissioning So Important? The lease that was signed when your company moved in has stipulations for when you move out. In short, you need to leave your building in the same condition as you found it. Sometimes, it is defined as “broom-swept”. Some contracts entail removing wiring and wall patching, as well as repair work.
  2. How Do You Conduct Office Decommissioning? Your best first step is to look for a company offering decommissioning services, such as what you will find at The Quality Group. They can help you decipher what is required in your contract, take inventory of belongings and take measurements of your new location. They can also pack your office, move equipment and belongings, and set up at the new site.
  3. What Do You Do with Unwanted Office Furniture? Some moves include obtaining new furniture at the new place. Something needs to be done with the old furniture, but many don’t want to throw office chairs and desks out if they can be used elsewhere. The Quality Group understands this and works to help sustainably dispose of office furniture.

Leave Office Decommissioning to the Trusted Experts

There are many more questions you need to ask. The team from The Quality Group can answer them all. For over 30 years, we have built our reputation around ensuring our clients have effortless moves. To ensure that, we focus on these critical areas:

  • Continual training for our moving technicians
  • Being fully insured and licensed
  • Using our experience to handle just about any hiccup that may come
  • Relieving our clients of packing and moving stress with our full-service packages
  • Being professional, courteous, and providing excellent service to each client

Call The Quality Group at 833-756-0103 for help planning and executing your office decommissioning. Contact us online for more information about our decommissioning services and our medical and commercial moving services in New Orleans, Jackson, MS, and Baton Rouge, LA, for your convenience.