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7 Ways to Protect Equipment During Your Office Move

  1. Protect Device Screens


Use blankets, sheets and shrink wrap to keep the screens of computers and other equipment from cracking or chipping during your commercial move.

  1. Organize all Cords and Cables


Either pack accessories like cables and chargers with each piece of equipment, or label them and pack them all together. Have a consistent system so each system is moved complete with its accessories.

  1. Pack Extra Furniture Feet and Felt Pads


These often-overlooked supplies can easily fall off during furniture transport, but are important to protecting the floor of your office and allowing easier furniture movement. Have some felt pads to spare when office chairs or reception couches inevitably lose theirs.

  1. Get Custom Packing Materials for Tech Equipment


When you move sensitive equipment, you don’t want it to rattle or move in any way that could damage its internal components. Many moving companies or manufacturers can help you find customized packing boxes or customized foam padding to keep your fragile equipment secure.

  1. Label Equipment to Reduce Handling Time


The less your equipment moves, the less vulnerable it is to damage. If you label boxes and packed equipment by where it needs to go in your new office, your movers can pack it accordingly. That way, they don’t have to move boxes to look for others, or move boxes multiple times to different rooms.

  1. Don’t Forget About Door, Floors and Carpets


Don’t overlook the doors, floors and carpets of both your old and new offices. Protect them from damage by wrapping doors laying temporary flooring (like tarp or cardboard) over floors and carpets.

  1. Insure Your Equipment and Furniture


You have two choices to insure your office furniture and equipment.

a. You can insure each item through an insurance company

b. You can hire a professional moving company that will insure all of your office equipment

Look into your insurance options before you hire an office moving company to make sure your items are protected.


When you call The Quality Group, we can discuss these and other moving options with you. Work with us, and you won’t have to worry about protecting your equipment. With more than 25 years of experience and comprehensive insurance, you can trust us to get your equipment to your new office safe and sound.


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