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Commercial Moving Online Reviews: What to Look For

How do you know if you’re hiring the right moving company? Every company says that they’ll move you fast, take care of your belongings and finish on time. But how you do know, without industry knowledge, what to look for in a commercial moving company? Look for these phrases to get past sales jargon to actual customer experience.


“They never miss a deadline”

It’s one thing for a company to say this, and quite another for a customer to say it. If a client says this about a commercial moving company, you know they trust them to do what they say. Follow-through is one of the most important factors when choosing a company for your office move.

“They were the most professional, organized, and courteous group of guys we have ever worked with”

Every business will tell you they’re experts in their field, and they could be. But you may forget to ask about the employees you will be working with.  There’s a difference between a company with a truck and a company cares about getting the job done and giving you the best moving experience.

“Their timing and precision in moving was seamless with no downtime”

Everyone says they’re fast and that they’ll finish your move on time. But what is fast if it’s not efficient? And what is fast if the move isn’t done right? Look for “no downtime” or “no operational downtime” to find a commercial moving company that cares about getting your move finished, getting out of your way and getting your back in business.


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