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Considering Moving your Office? Read this first.

You’ve been in your current office for quite a while. You’re comfortable there and know all the tricks to avoid the traffic to get there. Everything is set up perfectly, but lately you’ve noticed a few things that may be a problem in the future. It’s a tough decision deciding whether or not you should move to a new place, so when making that decision consider the following factors.


Your lease


Open office for lease

If your lease is expiring soon, then it’s time to review your options. Research current market conditions and look around for different pricing options. You might find something more suited to your company for a lower price and if your lease is up for renewal it will be the perfect time to make the switch. Talk to a real-estate agent who is an expert in your marketplace to help you figure out what’s available.


Square footage


Blue prints of office space

Your office is a defined space. You want your office to look full, not sparse, and definitely not overflowing.  If you look around and find there are empty corners or your employees are competing for space, it might be time to look elsewhere. Make a note of rooms not being used or that are being used to serve multiple functions, then decide whether your office still meets the requirements it did when you first moved in.




Better office location in the center of town

If clients are constantly asking to meet at a mid-point for appointments, you might have a problem with the location of your office. Convenience can be a major aspect that your clients consider when doing business with you, especially if your business requires a lot of face-to-face meetings.  Consider the prospect of moving closer to your business partners and clients when debating a move.


Employee accommodation


Happy employees with their own work space

If you have big accounts that are requiring additional employees to maintain and are being hampered by your current office, you should consider packing up and moving your office elsewhere.  Your office should never impede the growth of your business and staying in an unsuitable office space will cause chaos you can live without.


While you may feel comfortable in your current office space, it may not be the best space for you and your company. It’s not an easy decision and will take serious thought, but remember to consider the factors above and to look into all your options.