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Benefits of a Local Moving Company

Finding a moving company that will get the job done correctly can take some serious legwork. You have a long list of movers to choose from when relocating your business and you’re looking for just one that will be right for the company.

At The Quality Group, we suggest you choose a local moving company for a seamless and stress-free relocation. You’ll receive some amazing benefits when you move with a local moving company that you may not find elsewhere.

The Benefits of Relocating with a Local Moving Company


Local moving companies don’t have hundreds of clients they have to cater to on a daily basis. Due to this, they can be flexible with packing instructions, move times, and specialty equipment when moving your company. Whether you want to move on the weekend to avoid downtime or you want your printer packed a certain way to avoid damage, a local moving company can be flexible with their process in a way larger companies can’t.


Have you ever compared your experience of a local grocery store to one of a corporation grocery store? Chances are in the local store the workers were friendly, helpful, and professional. Well, you can expect that to transfer to local movers as well. Local moving companies are personable, helpful, friendly, and professional because they are a small team that is dedicated to your moving experience.

Local moving companies are vetted by the community.Credible

When dealing with a local company, word about their services will spread. You probably know someone who has done business with the local moving company you are considering who can tell you all about their moving experience. If your friend vouches for a moving company, the moving company is probably pretty good. A local moving company will also give extra effort to make sure you are satisfied because your word matters within the community.

Competitive Pricing

With a local company, you don’t have to worry about paying extra. When you sign a contract with a local company like the Quality Group, all costs are given to you at the start and there are no hidden fees. Local companies like to be upfront about costs so you aren’t surprised and upset at the end of your move. They also have lower operating costs because they don’t have to travel as far to reach you.

Considering and choosing a local moving company like The Quality Group can be the difference between a long, tedious move and a seamless, stress-free one. With a local moving company, you can experience all the benefits of working with people within your community including flexibility, superior customer service, reliable experiences, and competitive pricing.


Work with The Quality Group

At The Quality Group, we’re your commercial relocation specialists. Founded in 1987 in New Orleans, LA, The Quality Group serves the Gulf States with comprehensive commercial moving services from move planning to furniture installation. No other company puts in the time or preparation that we do to make your move stress and hassle-free.

Documents During a Corporate Move

Businesses tend to collect a lot of paperwork over the years. Many businesses allow documents to stack up over time without realizing how much paperwork is actually collecting in their file cabinets. While it is important to keep many documents for your own records or to meet standards set forth by laws, it is a good idea to clean records out every once in a while to avoid a paper overload. Moving your company to a new location presents the perfect opportunity to do some paperwork “spring cleaning” for your business.

Find Out How and Why You Should Dispose of Documents During a Corporate Move

During a corporate move clean out your file cabinetsWhy Should I Dispose of Documents During a Corporate Move?

The most obvious reason to get rid of documents you no longer need during a corporate move is that it will save space in your already packed file cabinets. Disposing of unneeded documents will make room for new forms you’ll be collecting in the future.

Another reason to get rid of unnecessary documents is that they could lead to information liabilities. Old documents that no longer pertain to your company could still hold confidential information. If this information gets into the wrong hands it could lead to legal problems and damage your company’s reputation. Getting rid of old documents can help stave off future problems for you and the company.

How Should I Dispose of Documents Before a Corporate Move?

Sensitive documents should be disposed of properly to remove any risk of leaked information. While you may have a document shredder at your office, it might not be sufficient enough to get the job done correctly. Paper shredders that only shred documents into long strips still run the risk of leaking information. It is quite easy to piece the strips back together again. You’ll want to either invest in a crosscut shredder or hire a company to shred your documents for you.

During a corporate move shred your documentsWhat Documents Should I Shred During a Corporate Move?

Keeping essential documents is extremely important for a company. Keeping records of items you haven’t had anything to do with in five years however, may not be the best use of your cabinet space. If you are still worried about shredding the older documents, you can hire a company to help you with record organization and retention.

Moving old, non-essential documents to your new location will just make it cluttered. Removing those documents before your relocation will help you be better organized from the start. Take the time to sort your documents and dispose of any you no longer need and enjoy a smoother relocation process.


Work with The Quality Group

At The Quality Group, we’re your commercial relocation specialists. Founded in 1987 in New Orleans, LA, The Quality Group serves the Gulf States with comprehensive commercial moving services from move planning to furniture installation. No other company puts in the time or preparation that we do to make your move stress and hassle-free.

What to Look for in a Commercial Mover

After making the difficult decision to move your business to a new office, you have to find the best company to help get your there. There are a lot of moving companies out there, and not all offer the same services and provide the same quality of move. When you’re choosing your perfect moving company be sure to consider the following must haves in a moving company.


Finding a moving company that is insured is very important. You’ll want to make sure your moving company insures your equipment for a range of possible risks during transit or while in storage. This protection will give you peace of mind during relocation.

Estimate Cost

Hidden fees and tacked on costs are common occurrences when dealing with some moving companies. Find a company that lists all costs and be sure to inquire if packing, cleaning, and supplies are included in the estimate. Some companies like The Quality Group operate on a not-to-exceed pricing basis and build every step into their move plan when estimating a relocation. This prevents you from incurring unexpected costs and going over your budget.


The employees at a moving company will be the key to a good or bad move. Hire a moving company that staffs in-house personnel. In-house employees are more invested in their job than subcontracted employees and will take more care of your furniture and equipment when packing and moving it on and off the truck. Hiring a company that invests in their employees will result in a better moving experience for you.


Equipment Care

The proper care of your computer equipment, electronic devices, and data wiring structure is essential during a move. These items are often easily broken and damaged due to their make-up. Finding a moving company that has experience moving sensitive equipment is essential, as it requires extra attention. Look for a company with the necessary experience and packaging supplies to safely relocate your equipment. If you have specific instructions for the care of certain equipment, call a moving company like The Quality Group who listens and adheres to special requests.


If you are looking for a minimal-involvement moving experience then you’ll need to find a moving company that offers a full-service move. The Quality Group offers a start to finish moving experience that includes the planning, managing, and execution of your move so the only thing you have to focus on is your business. Find a company that helps you through every step of the moving process, even the cleanup of your old office.


Picking the right relocation company for you and your office doesn’t have to be a hard decision when you know what to look for. One that is worth their salt will help you through every step of the moving process to ensure your move is worry free. Your new office is not far off so consider each must have and choose your perfect moving company.

Will You Move My Small Office?

Your business is unique. It has carefully picked and appreciated employees, special equipment you’ve invested in for optimal performance, and extra items that show who you are as a business and express your personality. You’ve put a lot of effort into building your small business and now that it’s time to pick up and move elsewhere, you want someone who will show the same dedication to your relocation as you do to your customers.

That’s where the Quality Group comes in, because no matter how small your office is, they commit to your move 100 percent.

A Quality Move

The Quality Group dedicates itself to providing a superior relocation experience every time no matter the size of the move. That means it follows the same procedure for every move and dedicates all their resources to you when the move day comes. Your small business gets the same dedicated teams as other businesses including the origin team, the destination team, and the driving team.

We help small businesses move with little down time.Quick Turn Around

We know your small business can’t be out of operation for long because of the time sensitive work you do. We offer a quick turnaround so you are up and running again without noticeable downtime. With our three dedicated teams that are each assigned their own station, each move is executed efficiently. The Quality Group ensures that you’ll never be left waiting for the movers to arrive.

Specialty Focused

We understand that as a small business you may have specific limitations or special equipment that needs extra care during a move. With our commitment to you, we will find a solution for every concern by fulfilling special requests and committing 100 percent of our attention and resources to your small business. We have experience moving all kinds of equipment, from hospital technology to regular computers and can meet the required care your equipment needs. We also have worked within varied timelines and can work out one for your specific needs.

No Cost SurprisesThe Quality Group gives small businesses upfront quotes so there are no surprises.

Sometimes as a small business you have to be price conscious, and The Quality Group understands that, which is why we operate on a not-to-exceed pricing basis. That means you’ll never be surprised by hidden or unexpected fees. The cost of your move will never exceed your quote so you can be confident that your move is affordable.

As a small business that provides unique services in a personal manner, you deserve the full attention of a moving company when you are ready to relocate. Experience that dedication with The Quality Group today, and let us help you move to your new office.

Your Office Relocation Timeline

An important step in relocating your office is setting up a timeline for moving. The timeline will give you a rough idea of how long each stage in the office relocation process will take, and will allow you to schedule sufficient time for both the move and your normal business operations. Without a timeline, your company may not have sufficient time to plan for the office relocation process, causing you to make rushed or uninformed decisions.

Below are the main steps of office relocation and the approximate timeframes of how long they should take you:

Finalizing the lease agreement can take around 8 weeksFinding the new office space: This stage of office relocation involves figuring out your office space requirements, finding your tenant rep broker, and viewing potential office spaces. According to the commercial real estate firm Austin Tenant Advisors, this process should take you about 2-6 weeks but can last longer depending on your market. After those steps are finished, negotiating the terms of your lease with your landlord, and finalizing office lease terms should take about 8 weeks.


The legal process: The legal process includes clarifying office lease terms with your real estate lawyer, ensuring you understand tenant obligations, liabilities, and that your interests are protected. This step should take about 4-8 weeks.

Plan for 4 to 8 weeks to furnish your officeSpace planning, office design, and build-out: Furnishing your new office to meet all of your requirements, takes a lot of planning. The actual build-out also takes a while. Allow about 4-8 weeks for this step in the process, and adjust for even more time in the case of larger offices.

Office moving stage: This phase is physically moving your office, and it is estimated that this will take 2-12 weeks, depending on everything you have to move, and if any improvements need to be made.

How long your office relocation actually takes depends on your resources, requirements, and individual circumstances. Having an established timeline beforehand helps ensure that the relocation stays on track, and that the process is easier for you.

How much space does do I need for my office?

When searching for a new office for your business, there are several factors that influence your decision. The size of the office, rent, and location are all things considered during the process. It’s a good idea to work out your office space requirements before you even begin to look for real estate.

Office Size

Having the right size office wilA well sized desk for an efficient office l tremendously help in running your business efficiently. Too large of a space is a misuse of capital that could be used for something else. Not having enough room may cause you to outgrow the office before the lease is up, resulting in a waste of money and time.

Business Growth Strategy and Lease

One thing you need to consider is your business growth strategy, which can be determined by looking at anticipated growth throughout the term in terms of employees, and the length of the lease you’re signing. A lease of three years or shorter will be easier to judge because it’s hard to predict where your business will be after that. Your business needs may be very different three years from now than what they currently are. Anticipated industry growth and the economic client, also need to be considered. This gives you the growth density ratio, which typically rangers from up to 175 useable square feet per person for dense, larger offices, and up to 325 square feet per person for smaller, private offices.

Required Meeting Rooms

The number and size of required meeting rooms largely contribute to the space needed. These things can be determined by the total number of employees, how many meetings you have at a given time, as well any technical requirements, such as tools necessary for video conferencing.

Determining how much space you need in your new office will help you narrow down your choices and point you in the right direction for office leases. Be sure to determine what your space requirements are before you start your search to avoid problems in the future and get the best office for your business.

Considering Moving your Office? Read this first.

You’ve been in your current office for quite a while. You’re comfortable there and know all the tricks to avoid the traffic to get there. Everything is set up perfectly, but lately you’ve noticed a few things that may be a problem in the future. It’s a tough decision deciding whether or not you should move to a new place, so when making that decision consider the following factors.


Your lease


Open office for lease

If your lease is expiring soon, then it’s time to review your options. Research current market conditions and look around for different pricing options. You might find something more suited to your company for a lower price and if your lease is up for renewal it will be the perfect time to make the switch. Talk to a real-estate agent who is an expert in your marketplace to help you figure out what’s available.


Square footage


Blue prints of office space

Your office is a defined space. You want your office to look full, not sparse, and definitely not overflowing.  If you look around and find there are empty corners or your employees are competing for space, it might be time to look elsewhere. Make a note of rooms not being used or that are being used to serve multiple functions, then decide whether your office still meets the requirements it did when you first moved in.




Better office location in the center of town

If clients are constantly asking to meet at a mid-point for appointments, you might have a problem with the location of your office. Convenience can be a major aspect that your clients consider when doing business with you, especially if your business requires a lot of face-to-face meetings.  Consider the prospect of moving closer to your business partners and clients when debating a move.


Employee accommodation


Happy employees with their own work space

If you have big accounts that are requiring additional employees to maintain and are being hampered by your current office, you should consider packing up and moving your office elsewhere.  Your office should never impede the growth of your business and staying in an unsuitable office space will cause chaos you can live without.


While you may feel comfortable in your current office space, it may not be the best space for you and your company. It’s not an easy decision and will take serious thought, but remember to consider the factors above and to look into all your options.

Your IT Move Check List

In an age where technology is the lifeline of your business, you can’t afford to have something go wrong, go missing or just not work. There are a lot of things that go into making your IT equipment function properly. So, when it comes time to move your office, you want to make sure you properly packed up all of your IT equipment, have services transferred with no interruptions and have all IT accessories in line so you’re sure that you aren’t forgetting a thing. After all, you don’t want to lose valuable business hours because of misplaced adapters, no Internet connection and non-functioning laptops. So, we’ve put together an IT move check list so that you can be sure you’re not forgetting to cover all your bases.


  1. Always plan ahead. Always. At least two to three months before your move contact your ISPS and all other technology companies to let them know about your move. You wouldn’t want your services not transferred and lose valuable business time because of it.
  2. Writing down a checklist for movingMake a checklist. Plan a visit to your new office location. We suggest making a checklist of things you want to make sure the office has so you know what you’ll still need to get. On this visit, make sure you check out the offices’ network cabling requirements, decide where you want and don’t want computer workstations, pick out locations for fax machines, printers, scanners and routers, and locate a secure, cool room for your server.
  3. Back-up your data. You can never be too careful, so we highly recommend you back-up your data before you move. Make copies of your firewalls and servers and store in a secure location.
  4. Look into new IT equipment. Out with the old, in with the new is what they say right? Well, moving is the perfect time to live up to this saying. You’re moving to a brand new office, so why not take a look at some other things that may need to be updated as well. We suggest:
  • Computers lined up on a deskInspecting your IT equipment and deciding whether or not it’s time for an upgrade.
  • Taking inventory Central Bodybuilding Episode 77 | IronMag Bodybuilding Blog buy winstrol results – winstrol reviews australia santa clara county sheriff commander accused of bodybuilding while faking injury of what equipment you currently have.
  • Writing down anything you might need to update or replace.
  • Properly disposing of the aged or broken equipment you might have.
  1. Get all communication set up. Getting your phone lines set up is vital. Before moving, we recommend:
  • Reviewing your phone line capacity with your provider to make sure you don’t have too much, or too little.
  • Taking a look at your current phone system and decide if it’s what will be best for your new office.
  • Setting up call forwarding if you’re changing your phone number.
  • Establishing and ordering your Internet access.
  1. Moving IT equipment. Moving IT equipment is very risky. We strongly suggest hiring professional commercial movers to help you safely and securely move your expensive equipment to your new location. Don’t risk broken or lost equipment. Research commercial movers who will move these goods, so you don’t have to.

Coordinating all things IT can be a hassle. Take this checklist and make sure you’re taking care of the necessities before your move. If you want a little extra help and less stress, look into commercial movers that can help you through every stage of your move, even the vendor coordination and technology set up.

Don’t let your office move run you. Get ahead of the game, make a plan and make a check list so that you can get to crossing things off your list and you can get to enjoying your new office sooner.

Work with The Quality Group

At The Quality Group, we’re your commercial relocation specialists. Founded in 1987 in New Orleans, LA, The Quality Group serves the Gulf States with comprehensive commercial moving services from move planning to furniture installation. No other company puts in the time or preparation that we do to make your move stress and hassle-free.


Five Tips to Plan Your Commercial Move

You don’t know where to start. Your office is moving in a few months, and there’s a bunch of things you need to get lined up. Where should you begin first?

Office moves can be complicated, and may seem like a full-time job. But, we’re going to make this process easy so that you know exactly what you need to do. Here are five things you should do to get organized for your commercial move:

  1. 1GetATimeline
    Get a timeline.
    The first thing you want to ask yourself and your co-workers is when the best time to move would be. Is there a particular time when business is hectic? Or, do you need to be out of your current office at a particular time? Whatever the answers to those questions may be, you need to nail down a time when your business would feel most comfortable moving.
  2. Research Commercial Movers
    Research commercial movers.
    Whatever you do, do not try to move your whole office yourself. It may seem like a good idea, but it’s not. Your office and your employees specialize in your business’ practices, not in commercial moving. There’s a high risk involved when you decide to have your employees move things like computers, scanners, printers, etc. Research professional moving companies in your surrounding area. We also suggest talking to other business owners who have moved and looking at reviews of various commercial moving companies before making your decision. Your business’ stuff is important. It’s your lifeline, so don’t trust it to just anyone. Do your homework.
  3. Contact Vendors
    Contact vendors.
    After you nail down a timeline, and get a commercial mover to move your business during that time frame, it’s time to think about everyone you need to contact to let know that you’re moving. You don’t want your promotional materials to have your old address on them, or have important business materials being shipped to the wrong location. So contacting your vendors is a necessity.
  4. Delegate tasks to employees
    Delegate tasks to employees.
    When we said you should leave the moving to the commercial movers, we meant it. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t delegate certain tasks to employees. Chances are you don’t want to take everything with you to your new location. You might want to ditch your old furniture, and look for new furniture. Or, you may want to clean out and shred some old paperwork that’s taking up space. Delegate these tasks and any others you might think of to your employees so that your load won’t be so heavy.
  5. Relax during your move
    This is going to be the hardest thing to do because moving takes a lot of coordination, and stress. But, if you pick the right commercial mover that plans in advance, meets with you about timelines and helps you with all of the coordinating so you don’t lose any business hours, then you have nothing to stress about.

Take these small tips to get you started and to get your thoughts organized. So, get out a pen and paper, make a list and get ready to get things moving.

Work with The Quality Group

At The Quality Group, we’re your commercial relocation specialists. Founded in 1987 in New Orleans, LA, The Quality Group serves the Gulf States with comprehensive commercial moving services from move planning to furniture installation. No other company puts in the time or preparation that we do to make your move stress and hassle-free.