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Do You Need a New Office? Questions to Ask Before Making the Move

Running an office is hard work. There are office supplies to keep on top of, employees to manage, and customers to support. At some point, your company may consider relocating to a better part of town or to meet space needs. The pandemic showed many companies that some employees can do all their work from home. That discovery resulted in some businesses moving to different office spaces to accommodate flexible scheduling and maximize their space rental budgets.

The Quality Group has helped many enterprises readjust where they do business. As preferred office movers in New Orleans, we understand the process and the decisions that go into undertaking this type of operation. As the popularity of remote work increases, we support our customers in all their commercial moving needs.

3 Questions to Ask Before Relocating Your Office

Moving an office is a massive project that you shouldn’t undertake without some forethought and strategy. As more people come back to the office and companies establish hybrid work situations, it may be time for your business to take the plunge and relocate. Before you do, take a moment with your team to answer these questions:

  1. Will you have to break an existing lease? Start by researching the specifics of your lease. What’s the earliest date you can move without breaking leasing obligations? Is subleasing to another occupant an option, keeping in mind that you will still be accountable for fixing any damage from a sub-lessee? If your office is in a popular area, your leasing company may be willing to negotiate with you.
  2. What kind of floor plan will work for your team’s needs? Does your team need areas to collaborate or do they prefer the privacy of offices? Many locations offer open floor plans to encourage collaboration. You may want a mix of office and open areas to meet differing needs. If your current facility doesn’t measure up to what you think you need, it may be time to move.
  3. Do you need virtual collaboration capabilities? Virtual meetings are likely not going anywhere any time soon. It’s helpful to have an area that will support virtual collaborations. Consider if your current office can keep up with a hybrid workplace.

Depend on Professional Office Movers in New Orleans

Once you decide to relocate your office, contact the team at The Quality Group. Our project managers will work with you to ascertain the best options and floor plans for your new location. We handle the move from beginning to end and can also address the decommissioning of your old office. We have the experience you need to rest easier and leave the hard work to us.

Call The Quality Group at 833-756-0103 to learn more about our office movers in New Orleans. Contact us online or stop by our office to get a free quote.