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Finding the Right Office Furniture for Your New Space

When you move, you and your business get a fresh start. New office, new surroundings and a new feel to go along with it. As you look around your current office space, you begin to contemplate where you’re going to put things. You’re not sure if your furniture will fit and look best in your new location. So, where should you begin to solve this problem?

rightoffice_furnitureFirst, start with your moving company. You should ask your commercial movers what furniture they suggest, if they can recommend a furniture brand/style to best fit your new office and business operations and if they can install it.

If your commercial movers do not provide these services, then we have some tips for you to remember. When you shop for your new office furniture make sure your shopping not only for a reasonable price, but also for functionality. You don’t want to buy hundreds of cubicles when your business operations require employee collaboration. If you buy office furniture that isn’t functional for your business operations, it could also lead to unproductive employees. You need to foster a productive work environment for your business and your employees. So, if you’re shopping for new office furniture make sure to keep functionality, operations and employee productivity in the forefront of your mind.

QG_rightofficeThe next thing you want to think about is furniture storage. You need to be prepared if either some of your new furniture, or some of the old furniture doesn’t work in your new space. If you find yourself in this situation, we recommend you ask your commercial mover about any solutions they might have. They should be able to either store it, or dispose the unwanted office furniture. If they have storing capabilities, make sure the storage facility is secure so that all of your office furniture is safe and sound.

You spend a lot of time in your office and at your desk, so you need to ensure that both you and your employees have functional office furniture. You don’t want to find yourself with too much furniture for your new space, or with furniture that doesn’t flow properly in your new office. Take some time to consult with your commercial movers, think about the best way to organize your office to streamline your business productions and then shop for that perfect office furniture that will make your new office the office of your dreams!


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