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How To: Help Your Employees Through an Office Move

An office move can bring new opportunities for your business. But how does it affect your employees? When you move your business, your hard working employees are about to go through a lot of changes. Make it easier for them by helping your employees through your commercial move.


Keep the Employee-Employer Communication Line Open Throughout the Move
Tell employees what’s going on through each step of the moving process. Keep them updated via email, in person, and also post accessible information around the office. Give employees the chance to voice their concerns and give feedback on the move. Collaboration may help the moving process and will show your employees that you value their opinion.
BONUS: Make employees feel comfortable giving feedback by allowing them to do it anonymously.


Let Your Employees Know What Will Be Changing and When
As soon as details like office location are set in stone, you need to brief your employees. The location you choose could affect how they get to work, where they choose to live, or if they can continue to work for the company. By giving your employees advanced notice, you can help them get their personal life ready for the changes in their professional life.
BONUS: If your employee’s schedule will be turned upside-down by your move, consider adopting a flexible work schedule.


Get Employees Involved in Your Office Move
Making your employees part of the moving process will not only help them with the transition, but will also help you improve productivity in your new office. Create a discussion where employees can voice their opinions about office layout and the working environment. Their day-to-day experience can yield great ideas to implement in your new office.
BONUS: Help employees get used to their new surroundings by taking them out to a restaurant or coffee shop near your new office.


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