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Does Your Moving Company REALLY Provide Office Relocation Services?

an office relocation in progress

A lot of companies say they provide “office relocation services.” But what does that really mean?

To us, “office relocation” means exactly what it sounds like – your office, just in a different place. Office relocation is more than just packing up file cabinets and trucking them over to your new office. A true office relocation means you walk into your office, ready to get to work. That means no mess to clean up, no computers to plug in and no downtime for your business. Before you choose a moving company, ask movers these questions to make sure you get the office relocation you deserve.


1. Do you move technology like computers and electronics?

Very few commercial moving companies are capable of safely moving sensitive technological equipment. If you have to move your computers yourself, you’re not getting a full office relocation.

2. Do your services include set-up and re-connection?

Capable movers will pack up and move your office equipment and supplies. But will they hook everything back up and put it together? Asking this question should give you some piece of mind and weed out the less adequate movers.

3. Do you clean up after your staff?

The last thing you want to first in your new office is pick up trash. Choose a moving company that will clean up your office and leave it ready for you to do business in.


These questions are easy to overlook, but left unanswered, they can make the difference between an office move and an office relocation. The goal of office relocation companies like The Quality Group is to leave your office move-in ready. We don’t just move things around, we set up your office the way you want it and we re-connect your equipment and electronics. When we finish your relocation, you can walk into your office and get back to work immediately. When you’re gathering quotes and interviewing movers, remember these questions to make sure you get the best moving experience possible.

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