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Avoid These 3 Big Hidden Costs During Your Office Move

A lot of emphasis is put on how much movers will cost. Before your commercial move, you gather quotes from different companies. If you’re looking at dollar signs, though, you’re not seeing the whole picture. There are more factors to your office move than just the cost of movers. Consider these moving costs before you choose the lowest bidder.

Timeline Costs

When looking at commercial moving companies, you want to find a company that can get the job done fast. Before you make a decision, look into the timelines different companies offer. If a company cannot guarantee its timelines, your office move could cost you in storage fees or rental extensions.

Hassle Costs

A capable commercial mover is easy to come by. But a company that makes your office move a great experience is harder to find. Check out the reputations of the companies you get quotes from. If they come highly referred, they’ll likely save you on moving costs by being easy to work with and doing the job right.

Productivity Costs

You know you’ll have to close for business when you move your office. But every business day you’re not open costs you employee productivity. Before you choose a commercial mover based solely on price, consider which one will care about your company’s productivity. For example, The Quality Group moves on weekends, and sometimes we’re able to finish the move and get you back to work by Monday morning.


Keep these in mind when choosing a company for your office move. Choose a company that saves you not time, hassle and productivity, and you’ll save money in the long run


Work with The Quality Group

At The Quality Group, we can help you with furniture left over after your commercial move. Founded in 1987 in New Orleans, LA, The Quality group serves the gulf states with comprehensive commercial moving services from move planning to furniture installation. No other company puts in the time or preparation that we do to make your move stress and hassle-free.