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So, You’re Moving Your Business. Here’s How to Decide What Size Office You’ll Need.

So, you’re thinking about moving your business to a new location. You need more space than you currently have, but you want to make sure you don’t have too much either. You’re looking for that perfect fit. But, how do you know what size office will fit your business perfectly? What things do you need to take in account when looking for new spaces? Choosing the right office space for your business is important, so we’ve got those much needed answers so that you can get the perfect office to suit your business’ wants and needs.



First, you should think about where your business is now, and where you want it to go. Will you hire more sales or administrative employees? When will you hire these employees? Do your business operations require more collaborative or more individualized work spaces?

After getting the answers to these questions you’ll have a better idea of what kind of office space you’ll need to best fit your business. If you plan to hire more employees within the next six months or so, you should think about having a few extra offices in your building to suit the new hires. Usually, the square footage per employee is about 150-350 square feet. Based on the square footage per employee, you can do some calculations to find out how many square feet you’ll need in order to accommodate the number of employees you currently have or will have in the near future.

When you determine the adequate square footage needed, you’ll need to think about each of your employees’ jobs and what type of atmosphere they need in order to successfully complete their jobs. Will they need to talk to different departments? Will they be crunching numbers, writing reports and generating spread sheets? Or, will they be out making sales calls?

If a lot of collaboration happens in your office, then choose a space that allows you and your employees to hash out large projects and bounce ideas off each other. If your work requires peace and quiet to get tedious work done, then choose an office space that has individual offices.

It’s important to always look for spaces that are just big enough to fit all of your employees comfortably without wasting space. So, do the math on the square footage per employee, and that should give you a solid guideline of what size building to search for. Additionally, finding a one size fits all solution is unrealistic, but, you should try to find an office space that will streamline your business processes. If collaboration is needed sometimes, but individual client meetings are needed as well, find a building with private offices, and a large conference room for collaboration.

When you’re ready to begin your new office hunt take these tips, put them into practice and get ready to move into a perfect office fit for your business.




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