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6 Tips for Effective Commercial Space Planning of Your New Office

Moving an office can be stressful and hectic. With all the different facets of relocating, it’s easy to overlook one of the exciting parts—the setup. Setting up a new office is like having a blank canvas you can create a masterpiece with. Now is the chance to maximize functionality of your space and encourage more productivity for your team. Sometimes though, the blank canvas can be intimidating. Hiring the services of a professional moving company like The Quality Group takes the pressure off of you because the years of experience working to your advantage.

Designing your new office doesn’t need to be frustrating or overwhelming. The Quality Group understands the nuances of effective commercial space planning. We handle all aspects to make your move simpler. Our professionals come in, take measurements, and provide you with a layout to fit your company’s needs.

How to Gain Effective Use of a New Office When Planning

Embrace your new office location by following these six tips:

  1. Ask Your Team for Input: There are many different approaches to setting up a new office space. Asking for input from those that regularly use the area gives you insight on how to make better use of the space. Do they want stand-up desks? Do some need new ergonomic chairs? They will let you know.
  2. Make Comfort a Priority: You and your employees spend at least 40 hours a week working so why not make it comfortable? Look into furniture that supports people’s physical needs. For example, invest in desk chairs with several adjustment options to fit different heights, weights, and shapes. Consider the existing natural lighting options and add fixtures where needed.
  3. Look into the New Space’s Capacity: One practical aspect of office space planning is the capacity of the actual space. How many employees can it fit comfortably? The answer to this question will determine if you can do an open concept or if cubicles are needed.
  4. Consider Existing Fixtures: What is already in the new location? Where are the restrooms and fire extinguishers located? What about steps, entryways, and windows? Many of these cannot be moved, so your new plans need to consider these fixtures.
  5. Remember Government Requirements: Each municipality has specific regulations that affect how an office can be set up. These include blocking fire exits, installing ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) power outlets, and more.
  6. Hire a Professional Office Space Planner: Why add more to your work load when you can pull in the services of an experienced office space planner? The Quality Group will assess your new location, talk with you about your needs, and create a plan to make your team happy.

Choose the Best in Commercial Space Planning

Make your move simple. Hire The Quality Group to design an efficient workspace for your team. We have the experience you can trust to ensure your new office is set up with your company’s needs in mind. Learn why companies across Mississippi and Louisiana seek our services!

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