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You’re Ready to Move Your Office. Where Do You Start?

Are you ready to move? Maybe you’re opening a new branch, or you’ve outgrown your office and you’re looking to grow in a bigger space. But moving your office is a huge undertaking. Answer these quick questions to start thinking about your commercial move.


What size office do you need?

Do you know the square footage of your current office? If you’re looking for a bigger office, you should know how much space you expect to need in the future before you plan an office move. You also need to create a floor plan that allows space for all of your furniture, office elements and employees.


Are you looking to buy or rent?

Buying and renting a commercial space are two completely different processes. If you’re looking to buy, enlist the help of a commercial real estate agent who can help you consider all the important buying factors. If you plan to lease an office space, discuss with management how long of a lease you’re prepared to sign. Decide this before you began to look for a new office.


Where do you want to move your office?

Whether you’re moving across the country or across town, location can make all the difference for your business. Do your research and get help from real estate experts to determine the ideal location for your new office. This will narrow down your search and help speed up your business moving process.


What is your budget for office space?

Don’t just have an idea of your budget before you move. You need to have a concrete, ironed-out budget set before you begin the commercial moving process. This will also make your search for a new office easier and faster.


What is your business moving timeline?

A clear, realistic moving timeline separates a chaotic move from a smooth one. At least six months before your move, you need to start planning. Monthly and weekly deadlines will keep your commercial move on track and keep everyone in your office on the same page. Once you answer these questions, you’re ready to start planning your commercial move! Then you need to answer one more important question: Who are you going to trust move your office? The Quality Group will work with you and help you set up and stick to a moving timeline. We make sure your commercial move runs smoothly and is finished on time.

Work with The Quality Group

At The Quality Group, we’re your commercial relocation specialists. Founded in 1987 in New Orleans, LA, The Quality group serves the gulf states with comprehensive commercial moving services from move planning to furniture installation. No other company puts in the time or preparation that we do to make your move stress and hassle-free.