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Move without Really Moving? Here’s How:

We get it. Your business is in a prime location. Easily accessible to customers and clients, and you’ve been at this location for years. You’re not quite ready to part with your building, but you want a new, refreshed office. So, how do you get that without moving? Well, you’re in luck because we’ve got some answers.

img_paintingTo refresh your space, you can always paint, paint and paint again. Want to open up your space and make it look and feel bigger? Then, stick with lighter colors. Going darker encloses your space and makes it look and feel smaller. Believe it or not, colors can actually affect work productivity and evoke certain emotions. Want more productivity? Then try not to overload your office with white paint. Want to create an environment all of your guests will most likely love? Stick with a shade of blue because most people enjoy this color. The new paint color is sure to change things up and give your space a new and refreshed look.

The next thing you can do to revamp your current office is get new furniture, or rearrange current furniture. If you decide to go new, depending on the type of furniture you want, certain kinds allow you to better maximize space and offer storage capabilities. Research various types of furniture to see what type will help you make the most out of your offices’ space, and give you much-needed storage. If you want to rearrange your current furniture, map out what furniture would best fit in different places. Maybe you want to just move around your employee’s offices for a change of scenery. Whatever route you take, changing up your furniture will definitely help you refresh your office space and make it feel like new.

New flooring can also transform your space. Ripping out that old grungy carpet and replacing it with something more modern can do wonders. Choose a new carpet, or upgrade to tile, hardwood or laminate flooring. New flooring can open up your space and make it feel fresh and new. While you’re at it, you maimg_flooringy even want to revamp your baseboards. You might not think about it, or notice the baseboards, but when they’re new and freshly painted, you’ll be sure to notice them, and you’ll be surprised how your office transforms.

The next thing you could do to make your office feel like a completely different space is to check out the office building next to your current office. Does a business occupy that space? If not, would it be possible for you to make that space yours? If this looks at all possible, contact a contractor to see if they can put a door in to connect your current space with the adjacent one. This can be a great transformation for yourimg_upgradeicons space. You can take over a new office, while still occupying your current office. You can’t get much closer to moving without actually moving than this, huh?

Whatever upgrades you decide to do to your office, you’re going to need to get your furniture, computer equipment and everything else you have in your space out of your office so you can get it done. Our advice to you: don’t lose time moving your stuff out of your office yourselves; look into commercial movers who can help you out. At The Quality Group, we not only do moving from one location to another, we can also help you with retrofit. So, if you’re looking for that perfect office, without the move, we can move you.

Moving your office from one location to another can be a great thing for your business. But, it’s not the only option you have when you feel like you’ve outgrown your office or need a refreshed look. Whatever you decide to do to change up your look, make sure you explore your options so you can get on your way to make your office feel like new again.


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