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5 Ways to Recycle Your Old Office Furniture

During an office move, you might end up with furniture you don’t want or need anymore. Maybe you bought a new desk for the reception area, or your new office doesn’t use the cubicles you had in your old one. Whatever your situation, you end up with a pile of furniture on the curb.

But you don’t have to leave it there. Steelcase, a leading office furniture and solution provider, offers several great ways to put your old office furniture to good use. You can read their advice here. Here are some highlights from the article, along with our insights from 100 years of commercial moving experience.


Before you throw out old furniture, think about your business. Do you have multiple offices? If you’ve got new furniture for your corporate headquarters, you can pass your old furniture on to one of your other locations or satellite offices. You can update two offices for the price of one and stretch your furniture investment.


If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. If your office furniture still does its job, you can update it without having to buy new furniture. Make your existing office furniture match your new, modern office with updated fabrics and metal finishes. It involves a little more work and some elbow grease, but refurbishing your furniture could save you thousands on office relocation costs.


If you can’t use your office furniture, there are plenty of other organizations who can. Non-profits like Goodwill take used office furniture and supplies. Goodwill can sell your furniture at their retail stores and the proceeds benefit the disable, illiterate and homeless. Charitable giving helps your community, and potential customers will take notice of a company who cares about the people they serve.


Recycling your furniture reduces waste and can give your old furniture a second chance to be useful. Recycling plants take parts of the furniture and turn them into something new, creating sustainable products out of existing materials. A commitment to recycling during your office move can garner good press and public good will for your company as well.


If you have no use for your furniture and nowhere to donate it, you can sell it. Other companies will buy used furniture to save on their office costs. You can help other businesses and save money on your own commercial renovation costs by selling your used furniture to companies who can use it.

Give your old office furniture a second life. You’ll save money, help someone out, and feel good about taking a positive role in your community. Your business will be better for it.


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