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Your Commercial Moving Questions, Answered

A successful commercial move is no easy feat. It takes months of planning and coordination to pull it off without a hitch. And even then, a few inevitable surprises can spring up and threaten the move’s progress. If you don’t know much about planning a commercial move, that’s okay. Let us save you some research time by answering a few commercial moving questions you were probably just about to Google.

Do I Need Commercial Moving Insurance?

The short answer? Yes. If you want to make absolutely sure that the value of your items is protected, or if you’re moving sensitive equipment, insurance is worth the investment. You can get commercial insurance through an independent insurance company, or through your moving company. To find out more about commercial moving insurance coverage and options, take a minute to read this article.

Should I Pack up My Office before the Move

This often depends on which commercial moving company you hire. This is an essential question to ask when you’re requesting quotes and interviewing companies. Most professional moving companies can come and pack your office for you, or they can provide you with packing materials if you’d like to pack up internally.

How Involved in the Move Will I Have to Be?

This is up to you. Some moving companies like you to oversee the move, in case the movers have any questions. Some will let you ride with the movers so you can feel confident that the move is going smoothly. With The Quality Group, a move manager that is completely dedicated to your move will be on site throughout the entire move to make sure everything goes according to plan. This move manager will meet with you several times before the move so he or she knows exactly what goes where, how and when.


At The Quality Group, we’re here to answer all of your commercial moving questions. Because our goal isn’t just to get you moved in quickly and efficiently – it’s also to keep you informed and comfortable throughout the moving process.


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