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You Deserve an Accurate Moving Estimate

Seems like a no brainer, right? From moving costs to lost office productivity, commercial moving expenses can add up. Obviously, you want to get an accurate estimate from your commercial moving company. But anyone can say that their estimate is accurate. Listen for these key phrases to be sure that the price you agree to is the price you pay.

“Not-to-exceed pricing”: A not-to-exceed pricing basis accounts for every foreseeable cost associated with your commercial move. Every factor, from heavy traffic to elevator weight capacity, is represented by a certain cost, creating a commercial moving formula that results in an accurate moving quote.


“Guaranteed timelines”: What’s the best way to avoid additional moving costs? Get the move finished on time. When commercial moves run over deadlines, moving costs go up. And if a delayed move keeps you from opening your office on time, your expenses can add up even more. If your movers can guarantee an on-time move, then you can be sure that your moving estimate is accurate.


Do surprises happen? Sure. But to get the most exact moving estimate available, make sure you hire a commercial moving company that focuses on not-to-exceed pricing and guaranteed timelines. The more planning a company puts into your move, the less likely you are to run into hidden or unexpected costs.


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