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10 Tips to Keep Your Commercial Move on Track

Whether your company is expanding or restructuring, moving your business can be a challenge. Planning, communicating, and working with experienced movers can ensure a smooth transition and successful relocation.

Plan Your Space

Once you choose your new location, begin planning your space. With the help of a space planner or architectural firm, plan your furniture arrangement to optimize your new office for accessibility and productivity.

Establish a Move Budget

Prepare for both expected and unexpected costs during your commercial move. Click here for your budget planning guide.

Ask for a Firm Price

So there won’t be any surprises after the move. “Not-to-Exceed” pricing is a good phrase to look out for.

Put the Right Person in Charge

The ideal candidate? Someone who is very detail- oriented and has a take-charge personality.

Hire a Professional Moving Company


Make sure to hire a company that specializes in office relocation – call their references and ask about the on-site project team managing your relocation.

Coordinate Vendors

Bring all of your vendors together to identify the time for their part of the move and outline the move schedule.

Label Property for Location


Removable color-coded labels will help distinguish between departments and speed up both removal and installation.

Coordinate Packing of Personnel Items

State very clearly your expectations for your employees. Do they need to pack their own things, or will the moving company take care of it? Give employees notice of their responsibilities as soon as possible, and read more about how to help your employees through the move here.

Purge before You Pack

Now is the time to reduce the things you’ve accumulated over the years, and with an electronic data plan for scanning and storage, you can communicate well in advance to your staff what is staying and going.

Finalize Your Plan

Schedule a walk-through with your office moving company to finalize details and make sure your staff is ready for the move.

Print this Helpful Guide to Keep Everyone on the Same Page during Your Commercial Move

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