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Curious About The Commercial Moving Process? Here’s How The Quality Group Does Commercial Relocation.

When your company decides to move, you may think it’s going to be complete chaos. But, we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be. We’re going to take you through our commercial move process step-by-step so you can see how The Quality Group does relocation.

movingday_QGstagesThe truth is, a move isn’t a one day process. There are multiple steps involved so we can seamlessly move your business. We start about three to four weeks out from your desired moving date and have a planning meeting. At this meeting, we get to know you, your business and what’s important to you in the moving process.

One to two weeks before your scheduled move, we have another meeting. At this meeting, we bring our finalized moving strategy to you. We go over this strategy, answer your questions and solve any problems you may have. Getting feedback and solving any issues regarding the move is important to us. After all, this is your business’ move.

The next step is to prep your office for moving day. The day before, our crew will come to your office to put up signage and room numbers around the building. By doing this, we can streamline our moving process so that our crew can easily flow through your building without confusion.

When moving day arrives, we’ll come to your office and meet with your designated move captain. The move captain or captains are put in charge of the business move. When we meet with the move captains, we check and see if they have any last minute questions or problems.

At the same time, our crew will protect the walls and floors of your office building. After your office is protected, we have a team meeting and split our crew into two groups. One crew will help breakdown and pack computer stations, and the other half of the crew will be in charge of breaking down your office furniture.

Once we’re ready to take a truck load to your new office, we split our crew again. One crew we call the destination crew, and the other we call the origin crew. The destination crew will go over to your new office and begin protecting the walls and floors and then begin to move in your furniture. The origin crew will stay at your old office and continue to breakdown your furniture and clean up. The origin and destination crews stay at their locations until final loads and clean up. The only thing moving throughout this process is our truck and your office items.

When your old office is cleaned up and all of your furniture is at your new location, the origin crew moves to your new destination and helps to tie up any lose ends. Our crew makes sure your office furniture is set up correctly; your computers are fully functioning and makes sure no moving supplies are lying around your new office.

After the move, we like to make sure everything in your office is perfectly set up and fully functioning. A few days (or the next day, depending on when your move is) after your move, we schedule a post move meeting with you. We come and answer any questions or solve any problems you may have.

By streamlining our moving processes and making your move our top priority, we help you get to your new location so you can get back to business as soon as possible.

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