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Move Your Business Out of State Without Going Crazy

Are you planning to move your office to another state? Then you know it’s not easy. Using over 25 years of experience, we’ve put together a guide to moving your office out of state. It can feel chaotic, but these tips can make it easier.


Focus on The Big Picture

As the business owner or manager, you are responsible for running your business and making sure service to your customers is uninterrupted. Instead of getting bogged down by little details, keep your eye on the prize. As long as your office move is finished on time, it’s okay if an employee forgot to pack a few office supplies, or if an office chair was damaged in the move. Small details can be handled by your moving company, so you can focus on getting to business in your new office.


Anticipate Unexpected Costs

While an experienced moving company can account for almost every factor, you never know what’s going to happen until you actually move. A sudden traffic delay or a flat-tire on a moving truck are small inconveniences in the grand scheme of your commercial move. But they could cause your business to open one day later than expected. This is just one example of unexpected costs that can’t always be prevented with planning. Allot at least 10% more finances for your office move than you think it’s going to cost. So if the unthinkable happens, you’re covered.


Expect a Period of Office Transition

This move isn’t just a big deal for you and your business; it affects your employees as well. If you’re moving out of state, your employees will be uprooting their lives to work in your new office. Some staff changes will be necessary, as some employees inevitably will not want to move. Give your new and existing employees time to get used to their new workplace and surroundings. You will likely have more employee requests than usual during this transition. But if you work with your employees and remember that this is a natural phase of commercial moves, your business will get back to normal (or even better!) productivity soon.


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Work with The Quality Group

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