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Efficiency per Hour: The Most Important Office Moving Rate

When you’re choosing a facility relocation company, it’s easy to collect a few quotes and go with the cheapest option. I mean, how different can moving companies really be, right?

The answer: Very different. Any company can quote a good moving rate, but not all of them provide the same service. And since you don’t always know what you’re getting, you won’t find out that your move wasn’t managed well until it’s too late.

When you’re looking for commercial moving companies for bids, keep the most important moving rate in your mind. Not daily rate or cost per mile, but efficiency per hour. Not “How fast can they get it done,” but “How well can they get it done?” An efficient moving company won’t rush and risk damaging your office’s property. An efficient moving company won’t quote you a cheap moving rate and then show up late.

A truly efficient commercial moving company will plan and execute your move so well, you won’t even have to worry about it. Your office move will be finished on time, with your new office completely ready for business.


When you interview commercial moving companies, keep in mind:

– You get what you pay for: If a company offers a cheap office moving rate, they’re probably cutting costs somewhere. Do you want to find out where in the middle of your move?

– Your experience matters: When you’re just starting the moving process and looking for quotes, it’s easy to make a quick choice and forget about it. But by the time your office move is happening, you may be overwhelmed, tried or frustrated. Which moving company would you rather have then?


At The Quality Group, we’ve always based our moving rates on efficiency. We don’t cut corners, and we pride ourselves on handling all of the moving details so you don’t have to.

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At The Quality Group, we’re your commercial relocation specialists. Founded in 1987 in New Orleans, LA, The Quality group serves the gulf states with comprehensive commercial moving services from move planning to furniture installation. No other company puts in the time or preparation that we do to make your move stress and hassle-free.