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3 Reasons You Need to Know about Moving Insurance

Trusting someone else with your possessions is hard enough. But if your movers have shaky insurance, you could be worrying about more than just your office move. Avoid disputes and damaged items by keeping yourself informed of your mover’s insurance policy.


TRUSTiconTrust: You don’t want to spend the move worrying about your office equipment. By asking about your mover’s insurance, you can be sure your property is protected. For instance, did you know that movers are only legally liable for 10% or less of the value of lost or damaged items? If you know the kind of coverage your mover provides, you can pay for 100% liability or insure your possessions with a relocation insurance company. The more you know, the better you’re covered.




Credibility: Established companies that are genuinely interested in providing quality service will offer moving insurance. If your movers don’t, or if they’re shady about the coverage details, call their bluff. Look them up and ask around about them. If they are a credible, legitimate business, chances are you will hear good things about them from friends or colleagues.




Accountability: If your movers aren’t upfront about the insurance they provide, can you really trust them? If they’re not willing to hold themselves accountable for the way they handle your property, what does that tell you? Are they going to be careful with your items? If your movers don’t offer insurance, you might want to find another moving company.


The Bottom Line: Ask about your mover’s insurance policy. Ask to see it in writing if you can. Ask about every detail, from what is covered to how long that coverage lasts. You can also check out your moving company’s insurance policy here.


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