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I Don’t Have Time to Move my Office: 5 Moving Excuses You Need to Let Go of in 2015

We’ve all done it. We know we need to do something about our cramped workspace, but we put it off. With more pressing business at hand, it’s easy to push off your commercial move until next quarter. Make 2015 the year you shed these excuses and move your business forward.

“I Don’t Have Time to Move My Business”

There’s never going to be a good time to move your business. Commercial moves take planning, hard work and time. You have to make time, for the betterment of your business. Why not make that time now?

“We’re Too Busy Right Now”

Being too busy is a good problem to have. But new business may mean new employees or new branches, which makes your office move all the more necessary. Think about it this way: When business is winding down, would you rather be planning a commercial move, or focusing on generating new customers?

“I Can’t Afford to Close up Shop”

The thought of suspending business or being temporarily unavailable to your customers may be stopping you from moving your office. Did you know that you can move your business on nights or weekends? Commercial moving companies like The Quality Group can move you outside of office hours, with no operational downtime.

“It’s Just Not in the Budget”

Imagine where you would be if your business had more room for clients and employees. Or if you moved to a location where you could be closer to your customers. If an office move would make your business more successful, isn’t it worth the moving costs?

“I Don’t Know Where to Start”

Starting is the hardest part. Once you make the decision to move your office in 2015, give us a call. We can help you plan your move from the very beginning, and we’ll work with you to coordinate your commercial move so everything runs smoothly.

So now you have no excuses. Make 2015 the year you make your business more successful and more profitable.


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