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Weekend Office Move Pros and Cons

Is a weekend office move right for your company? Most commercial moving companies offer weekend or after-hours moving services. This might seem like the answer if you’re having trouble finding the time to move your business. But while weekend moves are the solution for some, they can also cause problems for others. Make sure you’re fully informed before you take on a weekend office move.


Pros of a Weekend Office Move:



–          No Downtime

During an office relocation, you risk losing business while you’re closed for the move. When you move your office on a weekend or after-hours, you don’t have to worry. Your customers can still reach you, your orders can go out on time, and your business can keep functioning normally despite the move.

–          Less Traffic

Whether you’re moving across town or two states over, at some point you’re going to run into traffic. Avoiding peak travel times (like weekday mornings, lunchtime, and evenings) can significantly speed up your commercial move.


–          Smooth Office Transition

An after-hours move could help both you and your employees. Instead of the chaos of moving offices affecting your staff during working hours, they can walk out of the old office one night and into the new office the next morning, ready to get to work.


Cons of a Weekend Office Move:



–          Could Interrupt Your Weekend

As the person at your company who’s responsible for the move, you help coordinate the movers and get the employees prepared. On moving day, some companies want you to be present during the relocation. This could interrupt an otherwise relaxing weekend.

–          Not Everyone Works on Weekends

When you work outside of normal business hours, you have to consider that not everyone does. Property managers, building owners and other vendors may need advanced notice to keep your commercial move running smoothly.

–          Possible Cost Increase

Some office moving companies charge a premium rate for weekend moves. Because these moves tend to be more effective for businesses, moving companies may charge more for after-hours services. Before you decide on a weekend office move, make sure you ask your moving company if this will affect your estimate.

A weekend office move can be tricky, unless you hire a moving company that specializes in after-hours relocations. The right commercial movers can plan ahead and account for unexpected bumps in the road. If seamless business hours and uninterrupted customer service are your priority, a weekend office move with experienced movers can make that happen.


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