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April Fools! Don’t Fall for These Commercial Moving Scams

Moving scams can be devastating. You could lose money, belongings and most importantly, business. If you get caught up in a moving scam, you might have to close your office to regroup, losing valuable operational time, and the customers and profits that come along with it. When you’re looking for the right commercial moving company, watch out for these red flags.

The Name Change Trick


One way that companies get around bad business practices is by changing their name. Look up your moving company here to see how long they’ve been in business and if they have any other names. If they change their name once a year, they’re definitely hiding something, and you don’t want to find out what after you’ve hired them.

“Guaranteed” Quotes

Anyone can “guarantee” the moving estimate they give you. But be on the lookout for “guaranteed” quotes when the commercial movers don’t come to your office. If they give you a site-unseen estimate, it’s not guaranteed, and you could be looking at extra fees. Since movers often charge by weight and distance, don’t trust an estimate without going over the contents of your office with the movers.

Money up Front


Charging a deposit doesn’t make a moving company suspect. Most office moving company have several different moves going at once, and they need to make sure they’re schedule is air-tight so they can finish each move on time. By paying a deposit, you’re saying that you are serious about your move and that you won’t cancel last-minute. However, if your moving company requests most or full payment in advance, run. That’s exactly what they’ll do as soon as they get your money.

These red flags may seem like common sense, but they can be easily overlooked if you’re not careful. To avoid being scammed during your office move:

–          Never sign a blank contract, and get everything in writing. That includes insurance policies, move contents and pricing estimates. This keeps everyone honest and keeps you from worrying during your office move.

–          Don’t use a broker. Brokers subcontract to other moving companies, so you never know what you’re getting. Find a moving company and work out the details with them directly, to make sure you get a fair price and moving schedule.


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