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You’re Moving. Here’s How to Break the News to Your Customers:

Your business has the best regulars. They come in at the same time every week and you get to small talk with them. You feel like they’re a part of your business’ family, and well, they are. Loyal customers like that are hard to come by, and once you have them, you don’t want to let them go. That’s why you’re nervous about telling your customers about your business’ move coming up in a few months. You’re worried they won’t want to make the drive out to your new location. We have some tips on how to deal with this situation, so you won’t have to worry about losing your regulars.

A woman typing on a laptopFirst, tell your customers. Don’t avoid it. It’s better to get it out in the open as soon as you can. Who knows, they might love that you’re moving somewhere new because a new space could mean more perks for them. New services, new technologies, new menu, and a whole new space could be just as exciting for your regulars as it is for you. Moving means you’re growing, and that should make your loyal customers, especially those close to you, happy for you.

It’s also important to keep them in the loop of your move. Keep them updated throughout your moving process. If the office will have different hours one day because your touring your new building, tell them, don’t let them show up and figure that out for themselves. Create a weekly or monthly email blast to go out to a list of your customers. Let them know the schedule of moving events and give them your contact information in case they need to get in touch with you when you’re not in your office.

These customers aren’t just any customers. They’re part of your business’ family, and some of them may have been with you since the very beginning. Thank them for that by sending a hand-written thank you note with a coupon for their next purchase at your brand new location. Not only will they appreciate the kind gesture, you’ll be sure your loyal customers will be in line to come see you at your business’ new home.

Breaking the news about your move should be one of the last things on your mind that you’re worried about. Follow these simple tips so you can ease your mind, and get back to planning your office relocation.

Holiday Office Moves: Pros and Cons

Are you planning an office move this holiday season? During your move preparation, consider all the pros and cons of moving your business during the holidays.


Pro: The Holidays are the Slow Season

Business often slows down during the holiday season, which can make it a great time for an office move. Without the pressure of constant deadlines and meetings, you have time to plan your move and relocate to your new office.

Pro: Holiday Schedules Give You More Flexibility

Every office has a holiday schedule to service their customers while accommodating their employees. Shortened hours are often the norm for businesses during the holidays. This precedent allows you to adopt a flexible schedule during your office move. If you have to, you can even close the office during the move without losing business or upsetting current customers.

Con: Staying Productive During the Holidays is Tough

If keeping your office moving during the craziness of the holidays is tough, moving your office could be a challenge. The key to a smooth office move is planning, planning and more planning. Without a hard-working team dedicated to planning, your office move may turn into uphill battle.

Con: Unexpected Moving Costs

Holiday costs add up fast, and so can moving costs. If your business is moving slow during the holidays, make sure you have the revenue to cover all of your business moving costs.


There will never be the “perfect” time to move. Moving is inconvenient, costly, and takes work and planning. When deciding when to move, look at your business cycle, holiday schedule and incoming revenue. When you’re ready to move, let The Quality Group make it as easy as possible.

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