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Why You NEED a Move Manager for Your Commercial Move

Your office move might be the biggest challenge you will face this year. You have to pack up your entire company, shut down your office and start fresh somewhere else.  It can be unsettling for you and your employees to move your office. But it doesn’t have to be.

Have can you make your commercial move easier? It all comes down to who you trust to handle your move. There a plenty of moving companies that can do a fair, decent job. But how you find one that won’t just remove your furniture, but also the stress and hassle of the move?

Be informed when you interview commercial moving companies. One thing to look for when you’re getting price quotes is how much oversight a company guarantees during the move. Is a move manager on site to make sure your move is going according to plan?

Some ways a move manager can ensure a positive moving experience include:

  1. Keeping everyone on a tight schedule so your move is finished on time
  2. Considering everything, from traffic to building manager policies, and managing them smoothly to keep moving costs down
  3. Knowing how you envision your new office and setting everything up accordingly

A move manager should always have the big picture in mind during your move. He or she should be able to coordinate people and tasks as part of a larger plan, which keeps your office move on schedule and on budget. Most importantly, your move manager should be on the ground at your moving site. With this kind of hands on approach, issues can be solved before they become problems, and you can walk into your new office with a smile on your face.

Remember to ask commercial moving companies how they plan and manage moves. You deserve a manager that’s going to handle your move comprehensively and efficiently, so you can focus on your business.


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