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Why You Should Review Your Moving Company Online

Moving your company takes a lot of organization, logistics, and time. Having a professional moving company that can manage your move well is a huge help and relieves much of the pressure and stress from you and your employees. After a pleasant experience with an efficient moving company, you’ll be amazed at the lack of downtime and hiccups in your business processes. This amazement can sometimes be a fleeting thought before you’re ready to devote all of your attention once again on business operations, but there are several reasons to keep your eye on the moving company just a little longer. From expressing support or concerns to helping a local business, taking an extra five minutes to review your moving company online can make a world of difference to many people.

Reasons to Review Your Moving Company Online

Express Any Support or Concerns

Leaving an online review gives you the option to express any support or concern over the services you received and possibly even have them addressed. Moving companies, like all businesses, don’t want their clients to be unhappy. When companies discover that a client or customer had a poor experience, they are sure to do their best to correct the problem. Providing an online review gives the moving company an opportunity to apologize for any inconvenience that occurred to you or explain the reasoning behind their choices. This way the moving company will be able to see and make an effort to correct a problem for you and future clients.

If you really liked the way a moving company performed part of the service or handled a situation that arose, post a review about it online. The moving company will be grateful for your feedback because it will help them to continue providing excellent service. Running a business yourself, you are sure to know the happiness it brings to you and your employees when a customer is satisfied. Your moving company will be glad to see you’re happy with the services and be able to pass on the positivity.

Help Others Make Decisions

According to BrightLocal, 92 percent of people read online reviews and use them to help make decisions about whether or not they want to do business with a company. With that in mind, you can help other people looking for a good moving company make a decision about whether or not to use the one you used. Whether you had a good experience or a bad experience with your moving company, relaying it in an online review can help make or break someone else’s experience when moving. Your review can be the linchpin review that helps someone make a decision on a big choice.

Your\ can answer questions when you review your moving company online. Answer Questions

Reviewing your moving company online can help answer questions many others have about the moving process or that particular moving company. When you were in the process of picking a moving company yourself, you probably had your own questions and performed research to find the information you needed. You may have looked on their website, on Google, and even on their social media pages to find the information. Each platform undoubtedly had information from others about the moving company, their process, and the how they perform their services. You can be a part of providing information to others and help answer the less obvious questions that arise when a company wants to relocate.

Help Local Business

Due to many people making decisions about a company based on online reviews, reviewing your local moving company online can support the business and the local community. When you have a good experience with a local company and share it with others, you are allowing them to have a good experience while also supporting someone in your community and their business. Posting an online review about your moving company can go a long way in the local business world.

Reviewing your moving company online has many benefits to you, the movers, and others looking to relocate their business. It can help provide good business, stress-free moves, and healthy business relationships.


Work with The Quality Group

At The Quality Group, we’re your commercial relocation specialists. Founded in 1987 in New Orleans, LA, The Quality Group serves the Gulf States with comprehensive commercial moving services from move planning to furniture installation. No other company puts in the time or preparation that we do to make your move stress and hassle-free.

How to: Avoid Downtime During Your Commercial Move

commercial moves made easy

When you’re moving your office, you can’t just shut down. You have clients, customers and employees depending on you to keep conducting business, even while you’re moving it. Believe it not, there are ways to reduce and even eliminate your operational downtime during a commercial move. Follow these steps to make your office move easier.


Prepare Your Staff

Can your employees work remotely? Can they work flexible hours temporarily? Do you have access to temporary office space? These are some possible solutions to keep your staff working while you move your office. It’s also a good idea to create a guide to help your employees work with clients during the move. A set of temporary processes, including who to call, where to meet clients and what to do in case of an emergency, help your staff feel comfortable and keep business moving as usual.

Prepare Your Customers

Nothing turns away customers faster than bad service. Keep your customers in the loop during your move by letting them know what’s going on and assuring them that their services won’t be interrupted. Keeping you customers aware of your office move removes any confusion or miscommunication that could happen during the chaos of moving. Most customers are understanding. As long as they know you’re in the commercial moving process, they’ll still be your loyal customers when you finish your move. Find out how to prepare your customers here.

Take Care of as Much as You Can Before-hand

Small packing preparations make a big difference during your office move. Take inventory of your office and let movers know the different equipment and tools that they will be moving. This way, your commercial movers show up with the right packing materials to keep your property safe during your move. Remove trash and unnecessary items before the move. Movers can take care of this, but if this step is already finished, your move can be completed even faster.

Hire Movers that Guarantee Their Timelines

Reduce your business’s downtime during your move by hiring movers that offer a timeline guarantee. That way, you know your move will be finished on time and you can get back to work. At The Quality Group, our highest priority is to make your move seamless, so you don’t lose any business. We move on weekends to get your office moved, set up and ready to go as fast as possible. Streamline your commercial move by letting everyone, including your customers, staff and movers, know about your office move. That, and hiring a company that guarantees your move on time, will take the stress out of moving and keep your business running smoothly.

Work with The Quality Group

At The Quality Group, we’re your commercial relocation specialists. Founded in 1987 in New Orleans, LA, The Quality group serves the gulf states with comprehensive commercial moving services from move planning to furniture installation. No other company puts in the time or preparation that we do to make your move stress and hassle-free.

Why You NEED a Move Manager for Your Commercial Move

Your office move might be the biggest challenge you will face this year. You have to pack up your entire company, shut down your office and start fresh somewhere else.  It can be unsettling for you and your employees to move your office. But it doesn’t have to be.

Have can you make your commercial move easier? It all comes down to who you trust to handle your move. There a plenty of moving companies that can do a fair, decent job. But how you find one that won’t just remove your furniture, but also the stress and hassle of the move?