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Don’t lose your data or computers when moving your office.

Having movers physically move your companies’ computer equipment makes you cringe. To ease your mind about having movers handle your precious cargo, you want your own employees to move their own computer stations. You may want to have employees move their computers instead because you’ve been thinking, “What if the movers drop my computers? What the movers just throw my computers in the back of their truck like it’s an empty box?”

I’ll give you another “what if” situation. What if your employee accidentally drops their monitor on the way to their car, or what if the computer gets left in their car for the weekend and gets overheated? Now your business has another set of problems because you have to replace that computer so that employee can work Monday morning.

But remember, your employees specialize in your business operations, not in moving computer equipment. Always remember to back up your data before allowing anyone to start moving your computer equipment, servers or workstations. At the Quality Group, we know that your computer equipment and data are the lifeline of your business, so we treat it with the greatest care. We’re going to take you step by step and explain to you how we would move your business’ computer equipment. If moved properly you won’t have to worry. You should expect when hiring any moving company to follow the same same steps in order to safely transport your computers.

We believe that any moving company should have special equipment carts that are designed to safely transport all of your computer equipment. You can see a picture of one of our carts below. But before we put your equipment on one of these strategically designed carts we bubble wrap the monitors. Second, we take all computer accessories such as your mouse, keyboard and wiring and pack them neatly in our computer accessories bag. Next, we begin to load the computer equipment carts. We put all the bubble-wrapped monitors on the bottom shelf of the cart, and then load all of your computer accessories onto the cart. Our final step before transport is to stretch wrap the computer equipment carts. This ensures a secure transport for all of your precious computer equipment. Again see a picture of a properly loaded, wrapped and protected computer equipment on the cart below.




When the Quality Group arrives at your new location with all of your business’ computer equipment, you can be sure that no computer will be without a mouse, keyboard or monitor cable. We strategically pack each of your offices’ computer stations so each computer equipment cart contains every item needed for each computer station to be fully functional.

We then unpack each computer station. But, that’s not all. We make sure every computer is in its correct place and functioning smoothly. You and your employees shouldn’t have to go through any hassle during your office move. That’s why we make this process as easy, quick and safe as possible.

You should expect the same service from any moving company you hire to move your office equipment. If you choose to move the equipment yourself, make sure that you follow the same steps.

If you have questions the Quality Group would be glad to assist you on your move.