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The Right Corporate Moving Companies in New Orleans Help You Plan Your Relocation

Planning an office move can very quickly turn from exciting to stressful. While you’re getting ready to move everybody into a new place, you still have to keep up with day-to-day business without overwhelming your staff or under serving your customers and clients. So where can you turn to for help in planning your relocation?

The Quality Group stands out among corporate moving companies in New Orleans. We have many years of experience and are well known in the industry, and, we stay by your side from day one to help you come up with a plan, execute it, and get your new location set up in as little as a single night.

Here are some tips from our project managers and move planners to help you get started.

Reimagine Your Current or New Office with New Furniture

We have a saying that helps us stand out from other moving companies in New Orleans. Start your move on paper and not on moving day. This means coming up with a plan, notifying everyone who needs to know about your relocation, and teaming up with the experts at The Quality Group to ensure that no detail is left unattended.

  1. Get a plan! Our move planners will visit your current and new locations to help you design a floor plan and create a detailed plan of execution working back from your move date. This sets the right tone for the rest of the move. At this point, you have evaluated corporate moving companies in New Orleans and chosen to go with The Quality Group, thanks to our focus on customer satisfaction and results. Ideally, you’ll have at least six weeks to plan the move. (Two to six months is better!) Whatever your timeline, we’ll make the most of the time we have, to get you prepared, packed, moved, and settled in at your new location on time.
  2. Assign different employees to handle different phases of the move. Our project manager can help you coordinate the core team to help ensure that the move goes as planned. Getting input from others will help ensure that no assets slip through the cracks and gets left behind!
  3. It’s equally important to declutter your office space just as you would if you were moving from one home to another. If there are files that can be shredded, furniture that can be donated, stored, or disposed of, and other items you can dispose of, take care of it now rather than cluttering your new space with items that are not needed.
  4. Do you currently rent your office furniture, equipment, or any other items? Will you remain with the same vendors following the move? We can help you document, organize, and account for all furniture, equipment, and other items, rented or owned. We can even work with your internal IT team or technology vendors to ensure that everything is plugged in and working from day one.
  5. Ask employees to remove any personal items from their office space prior to the move. This can prevent the loss of cherished belongings. You don’t want to be responsible for your employees’ personal property when you have other responsibilities to attend to.

If you need help laying out your new floor plan, the experts at The Quality Group can coordinate this as part of our move planning services.

Call The Quality Group at 833-756-0103 to find out why businesses, schools, labs, and industrial facility managers choose us over other corporate moving companies in New Orleans. Contact us online or stop by our office to begin planning your corporate move today. We also have offices in Baton Rouge, LA, and Jackson, MS for your convenience.

Call Center Corporate Moving Companies in New Orleans

It’s not unusual for call centers to change locations for economic reasons such as lower rent, ability to recruit sufficient staff, and many other factors. However, moving hundreds or thousands of employees across the city or across the state takes intensive planning measures. When it comes to moving large facilities, one name stands out among corporate moving companies in New Orleans.

At The Quality Group, we understand that moving a call center involves more than assembling and disassembling modular furniture and unplugging a few printers. The following checklists provide an overview of the complicated process of relocating your business operations team, call center floors, and communications equipment.

Meanwhile, keep in mind that The Quality Group offers the following value-added services essential for a smooth call center relocation. These services include:

Office Relocation Checklist

You’ll need a comprehensive checklist of all tasks associated with the move, including notifying vendors, employees, and other stakeholders.

You’ll also need to coordinate all the non-technical assets that will come with you to the new location. Here are some of the main items to put on the list:

  • Modular furniture
  • Break room furniture
  • Filing cabinets, office supplies, cubicle contents
  • Wall art
  • Coffeemakers, hand sanitizer dispensers, and other equipment

Of course, technology is crucial to any call center. So, it deserves its own checklist.

Technology Relocation Checklist

Data is everything in a call center environment. Losing one contact record or disposition, can wreak havoc on your organization. To protect your data against security breaches or server damage, it’s essential to partner with reputable corporate moving companies in New Orleans.

You’ll want to coordinate carefully with your IT resources and vendors for a smooth cut off and transition to the new location. Here are some of the more critical components to label, track, and handle with the utmost care.

Start with an inventory of all of your IT and communication assets, including computers, servers, exchanges, cabling, and other items. That will make it easier to categorize items that you have to move. Remember that The Quality Group offers project management and move planning services that can greatly facilitate this process.

Equipment to include in the move plan:

  • Phone, computers, tablets
  • Cabling
  • Servers
  • Power sources
  • Backup media
  • Plan for the new office location

Call centers are communication hubs, and your final list will obviously be far more extensive. If you need assistance coordinating with vendors or internal IT staff, we can help.

Business Operations Relocation Checklist

Business operations pertains to C-level executives, HR, and core organizational development personnel. This group will play an integral role in the relocation. Therefore, the relocation checklist will look far different than the other checklist we’ve discussed.

Here are examples of topics to cover in your business operations relocation checklist:

  • Appoint a relocation committee.
  • Develop a relocation timeline with The Quality Group.
  • Create a new office and facility layout.
  • Create a protocol that accounts for everything from cyber security to physical safety during the move.
  • Come up with a communications plan for employees and vendors, among other interested parties.
  • Include items to manage in both the old and new locations.

If you need assistance with temporary or long-term storage of office furniture, equipment, and other assets, let us know. We have secure, temperature-controlled warehouse space available to keep your items in pristine condition. We can also dispose of unwanted items to save you the hassle of taking them with you.

Call The Quality Group at 833-756-0103 to schedule a free consultation. We are the industry leader among corporate moving companies in New Orleans, and you can trust us to stay on top of all aspects of your call center relocation.

How Corporate Moving Companies in New Orleans Fit into Your Office Relocation Plan

Moving an entire corporation takes a huge amount of planning and it’s important to get all the details just right. Leaving behind essential equipment or expensive assets is simply not an option when you are working on a budget. We recommend that you check references and evaluate the track records of local corporate moving companies in New Orleans. You’ll find that the long history and endless dedication of experienced movers at The Quality Group ticks off all the boxes.

Choose the Top Contender Among Corporate Moving Companies in New Orleans

You could assign internal resources to plan, coordinate, and execute a moving plan for your company trying to save money by doing so. The question is, are you really going to save money by doing everything in-house?

A corporate relocation plan takes the full concentration of several resources, pulling your employees away from their daily responsibilities. This could result in poor customer service, a backlog of work, or disgruntled coworkers who have to take on more day-to-day responsibilities. That doesn’t sound like the type of work environment you want right before a major move.

The Quality Group stands out among competitors in New Orleans for our extensive experience with clients in numerous industries including medical offices, government agencies, and large and small corporations. We also offer the widest range of services available among corporate moving companies in New Orleans.

Our services include:

Let Us Take on the Tedious Tasks of Your Corporate Move

You will receive a dedicated project manager to help you coordinate every step of the move. This includes communicating to employees what they need to pack and label in their work area. Clear communication and expectations will make the move go a lot smoother.

Our goal is to set up the new office overnight so that your employees can report to work and get settled into their new workplace right away. To make this happen, we handle numerous details that could otherwise prove frustrating and eat into your time that is better spent on core functions and operations. This means that we also deal with your IT team and external vendors to coordinate the placement of electronic equipment in the new location.

Don’t Ignore the Importance of Unpacking

If you need white glove service for your corporate move, make sure that the corporate moving companies in New Orleans you interview are up to the task. With proper labeling, coordination, and consummate planning, your corporate move can go off without a hitch. We know this because we have done it hundreds of times for other businesses in New Orleans and the surrounding area.

If you need packing and unpacking assistance, we include that in your moving plan and put all the wheels in motion to make it happen as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Are you moving to a smaller space? The Quality Group has warehouse space for extra equipment and furniture you won’t use right away. We also partner with local charities to donate your unwanted assets, and you can write off the donation on your taxes!

The Quality Group has three convenient locations in New Orleans and Baton Rouge, LA, and Jackson, MS. Call 833-756-0103 to partner with the best of the corporate moving companies in New Orleans.

Choose from the Best Corporate Moving Companies in New Orleans, LA

We know that you have choices when it comes to corporate moving companies in New Orleans. However, they’re not all the same. We at The Quality Group been helping corporations move lock, stock, and barrel from one end of town to the other and across state lines since 1987. We work differently than less organized competitors and aim to minimize the disruption to your business.

We understand that moving your office can create additional stress and anxiety. If you’ve been in the same location for several years, you may have a sentimental attachment to your current setting. However, if your company needs to grow, a new site can offer lots of exciting opportunities to hire additional personnel and expand your business.

To accommodate your moving efforts, The Quality Group assigns a dedicated team member to act as a liaison between your staff and our movers. This single point of contact eliminates confusion and crosstalk so that we can concentrate on getting your items moved into your new office.

Advantages of Partnering with The Quality Group

Whenever possible, we get everything packed, moved, and put into place overnight. We want your team to walk in, grab a cup of coffee, find their new spot and get oriented. The faster your staff unpacks and settles in, the faster you can get your business up and running again. Our experienced, organized logistics managers create a project plan with all the details for the move. We coordinate with vendors, building owners, and your staff to make sure that everybody is on the same page leading up to relocation day.

Stick with us for professional, efficient, and effective service from the first consultation through moving day. We are here to facilitate your corporate move and provide the following advantages:

  • Dedicated, experienced project management
  • Asset management
  • Storage and disposal services
  • Equipment disconnection, moving, and reconnection
  • Coordination with equipment vendors and IT staff
  • Disassembly, moving, storage, disposal, and reassembly of office furniture
  • Safe, secure moving vehicles
  • Detail-oriented supervisors and conscientious movers who respect your new and old office space

Office Furniture Moving Services

As you can see, there are many advantages to hiring The Quality Group over other corporate moving companies in New Orleans. Among our many specialties, we offer the complete breakdown and reassembly of office furniture from well-known brands such as National, JSI, HON, Knoll, Herman Miller, Jasper, Allsteel, JOFCO, and Kimball.

These services include:

  • Disassembly of modular furniture, such as cubicles
  • Reassembly of office furniture at your new site
  • Equipment setup (including vendor coordination)
  • Disposal or donation of unwanted furniture
  • Storage of your furniture until you need it again

The Quality Group is one of the oldest and most respected corporate moving companies in New Orleans. We have two other locations in Jackson, MS, and Baton Rouge, LA, to better serve our customers in Mississippi and Louisiana.

Contact us at 833-756-0103 to schedule a consultation with the best moving company in New Orleans.